About the Program

De Anza's Visual Arts and Design Department emphasizes the teaching of strong technical skills and nurtures each individual's originality in order to prepare students for global inclusiveness through creative engagement.

The department provides students instruction in the programs of Art History, Drawing and Design, Graphic Design, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture and Museum Studies. It offers certificates and degrees, as well as general education courses that are transferable to four-year universities.

Our programs are designed to train future vocational and avocational artists in the ability to communicate creative expression through craftmanship, concept and design lexicon. Our instructors are practicing professionals whose work reflects a dedication to the development of creative and conceptual styles, as well as abilities.

The Visual Arts and Design Department serves a broad range of students who wish to build on a firm foundation of fundamentals, theory, practice and history. Traditional approaches to study are complemented by training in the use of current technologies. Interdisciplinary study is also encouraged.

Each spring, students of the Studio Program show their work at the Annual Student Art Show at the Euphrat Museum of Art on the De Anza campus.

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Use the Course Scheduling Charts to find which courses are offered each quarter, so you can plan when to take the courses you need. Visit the Scheduling webpage for details. 

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Marco Marquez
Department Chair of Visual Arts & Design




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