Here you will find selected links to online explanations, exercises, quizzes, tools, and resources that you can work on on your own.

If you are interested in improving your skills and would like to explore on your own, click on any of the links below to see what might help you the most.


  • San Mateo College Writing Center's interactive and "print-yourself" tutorials on identifying subjects and verbs, subject-verb agreement, fragments and run-ons, verb tense, pronouns, parallel structure, etc.
    Exercise Central is a collection of editing exercises that provide practice for mastering the skills of editing grammar, style, punctuation, and mechanics.
    Self-scoring diagnostic quizzes at 3 levels. Topics: Irregular Verbs, Pronoun Case, Common Errors, Reading Skills, Subj/V Agreement, Parts of Speech, Word Form, The Deadly `ed', Re-expression, Inversion, Sentence Analysis , Adjectives , Relative Pronouns

Grammar Guides, Handouts, and Exercises

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