Program Officers

The officer team meets weekly to create opportunities for the Honors Program student body.  You can always find an officer at the Honors Lounge located in S-33b.  We love to meet our students and interact with them.  Come check us out!


Responsible for managing the team and organizing weekly meeting and communicating with officers about their responsibilities.

Major: Mathematics


The quest for knowledge is one that has always fascinated me. To unravel all the conundrums in the world, to dive into the unknown and come out just a bit wiser yet more humble – to me, that is a noble quest, one that encouraged me to join the Honors Program and dig deeper into each subject. The eight honors classes I have taken, along with the countless conversations I have had with my professors and other honors students, have been driving me to read, perceive, and think critically ever since. The Honors Program has provided the best academic experience at De Anza for me; and in return, I will help this community to build on its achievements and foster an even more inspiring and open-minded environment.

Internal Vice President

Responsible to work with the president and to help manage the officer team.

Major: Economics and Math

Adarsh Parthasarathy

I have always believed knowledge is power. In my youth, that belief motivated me to become a voracious reader and set a 1000 book goal that I eventually met. As I got older, it pushed me to leave my high school and shift my entire education to De Anza two years early. Therefore, my participation in the Honors Program was a foregone conclusion by the time I stepped on campus. Entering my third year at De Anza, and my first year as a college student, I have found the resources and encouragement provided by professors and my fellow students to be inspiring. They ensure that I bring my best to all my classes every day of the year. As an officer, I hope that my drive for knowledge pushes others to put their best foot forward when it comes to their education.

External Vice President

Responsible for integrating and connecting the program with the outside community through effective and professional communication.

External Vice President: Leia Yoon
Major: Biology


Hi! My name is Leia and I am a third-year community college student. My major is Biology and I plan to be a veterinarian in the future. I’ve always loved working with animals, the thought of making that a career excites me! I was born and raised in southern California and moved to the Bay Area last year. Joining the Honors program has been notably beneficial - from being a part of a community full of fellow motivated students to collaborating with passionate professors and digging deeper in my honors courses. As the External VP, I hope to help continue making the Honors program a welcoming place where students can feel academically driven and have fun!.

Honors Program Assistant

Responsible for documenting Honors activities and meetings, and keeping Honors Program functional, efficient and organized.

Program Assistant: Yvonne Lam
Major: Economics


The start of Fall 2017 marks my second year here in the United States and at De Anza College. I came from Malaysia, a multicultural country, and have been thrilled to pursue my higher education abroad. Ever since I was young, I have found great passion for business and economics. The Honors Program welcomed me with open hands when I first joined, back in Winter 2017 as the Office Assistant. This program encouraged me to appreciate multiple subjects in depth and moreover, sharpened my communication skills. The various events organized by our officer team, along with my own responsibilities in the program, continue to shape me into a better all-rounder. Here, you will find inspiring and exceptional individuals who are more than willing to share their passions and ideas.

Vice President of Academics: STEM

Responsible for setting up educational workshops and activities for students to have additional resources to assist them with transfer and future prospects.

Major: Data Science

Angela Chen

As a second-year student studying at De Anza college during the past year, the Honors Program provides me with a great academic experience. Not only does the Honors Program help me explore subjects that I’m interested in, it also allows me to meet wonderful Honors members and officers. Also, the Honors courses I have taken helped me a lot when I was deciding what major to study. This year, as an officer, I will try my best to make this motivated community all the more inspiring and welcoming.

Vice President of Academics: Liberal Arts

Responsible for leading academic events in areas relating to liberal arts.

VP OF ACADEMICS: Priyanka Sreeram
Major: Biomedical Engineering


I have always had a passion for Chemistry and Biology; this, coupled with my desire to help others, has lead to my interest in the medical field. The Honors program has given me the opportunity to dive deeper into the subject, find like-minded people, and fuel my thirst for knowledge through academic discussions with both students and faculty and great research opportunities. I hope to help this highly-driven and motivated community grow academically and at the same time have fun!


Vice President of Outreach

Responsible for spreading awareness of Honors Program through various forms of communication, and outreaching during events.

VP OF Marketing: William Salgado
Major: Sociology and History


I spend a lot of time people watching and have decided to make a career out of it. I plan on becoming a professor in History or Social Psychology, and thereby help others make sense of their social location and the historical context in which they/we exist. I am a first-generation immigrant from El Salvador and have been fortunate enough to find academically driven individuals that support and encourage me to overcome any obstacle I may encounter. Like most of the Honors students in the program, I work hard to maintain my grades high and develop a better understanding of the world we live in. The best part of the Honors Program is the diversity of its members and our shared passion for learning!

Vice President of Fundraising

Responsible for leading efficient and organized fundraising efforts to further improve the program.

Major: Applied Mathematics


I came from a very competitive high school in Taiwan; a school which always encourages its students to pursue academic excellence. I carried this attitude to De Anza College, which soon led me to the Honors Program. The Honors Program has given me chances to explore subjects further, form deeper relationships with faculty, and meet equally motivated people. I have benefited a lot from Honors Program and would like to see more people to take advantage of this opportunity.

Vice President of Technology

Responsible for social media and outreach.

Major: Biology


On the first day as a freshman at De Anza, I accidentally stumbled upon an Honors EWRT 1A class since other classes were full and the class nicely fit into my schedule. I had never even heard of this Honors Program, but the class was so engaging that I immediately looked into the program and became a part of it by the next quarter. Being a science (neuroscience in particular) fanatic, G.E. classes sometimes seem a little more dull for me. However, the Honors Program allows me to take my education further and engage me with a more advanced and in-depth study of the subject. As part of this program, I look forward to expanding our community, helping others, and befriending more like-minded people.

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