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Honors Program

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

May I drop off my application rather than mailing it in via the U.S. Postal Service?

Yes. You may submit it in the Administration mail room. However, the program has migrated to an electronic submission due to efficiency and convenience for both students and the coordinator. Please see How to Apply. If you still wish to drop off your application, there is a mail drop slot right outside the door on the outside of the building (ADM116). Please clearly mark your envelope "Mehrdad Khosravi, Honors Program Coordinator."  

I am very interested in joining the Honors Program, but I don't meet the EWRT1A eligibility requirement. May I still apply?

If you are not eligible for EWRT1A, you need to be eligible by the quarter you are accepted into the program. For example, if you are taking EWRT211 and READ211 in the Fall Quarter, then you may apply during the fall for a Winter Quarter admission.

I am very interested in joining the Honors Program, but I don't meet the GPA eligibility requirement. May I still apply?

Yes. The Honors Program occasionally accepts students who do not meet the GPA eligibility requirement; however, you need to speak with the coordinator about your particular situation and interest. 

May I take an Honors class even if I am not officially in the Honors Program?

You may take ONE Honors class before joining the Honors Program as long as the instructor allows you to do so and you meet the Honors Program eligibility requirements. If you do not meet the requirements but would still like to add the class, please contact the Honors Program coordinator to discuss your situation. If you want to take any more Honors classes in the future, you must apply for and be accepted into the Honors Program. This includes taking a second Honors class after taking and dropping the first class with a "W" grade.

Is the Honors class weighted in terms of GPA?

No. The Honors class does not add extra points to your GPA. For example, an A grade in an Honors class is a 4.0, just as if the class were not Honors.  However, the Honors class will appear with the title "Honors" on your transcript. Unofficially, the schools to which you want to transfer will most likely look at your transcript and realize that the Honors class was more challenging than the regular class, thus boosting the strength of your transcript.

Does the Honors class give me extra units beyond the regular class?

No.  Unit count of the Honors class is equivalent to the unit count of the regular class.

What are some benefits and advantages of the Honors Program?

Students who participate in the Honors Program regularly succeed in achieving their academic, career, and life goals. Each student has the opportunity to

  • Engage with outstanding faculty committed to your success and the highest standards of teaching
  • Connect with other students committed to high academic achievement and intellectual growth.  
  • Improve their research skills by creating Honors research projects.  Students will sharpen their research ability with our typical 10 hour research projects.
  • Earn the designation of Honors Scholar on transcript and diploma which communicates high achievement to transfer institutions and future employers.
  • Participate in special honors events and activities, including speakers, performances, and service activities.
  • Receive letters of recommendation from the Honors Coordinator.

Honors Program
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Last Updated: 6/13/16