Get Ready to Vote!

Here's How to Register

You can check your status and register online by visiting the California Secretary of State's website at

You can begin voting as soon as you have registered and received your ballot for the next election. County election offices began mailing ballots to all registered voters about a month before Election Day.

  • Return your ballot by mail – postage is free – any time up to Election Day.
  • Or, you can vote in person at county Vote Centers.
  • If you miss the registration deadline, you may still be eligible to register and cast a conditional ballot in person through Nov. 5.

It's easy to have your say: You can register online and vote by mail. Here's how

Check To See If You're Registered

If you think you might be registered, but aren't sure, you can check your status on these websites

Register Online – If You Aren't Already

If you aren't registered

Remember to Cast Your Ballot!

If you are registered to vote in most Bay Area counties, you should receive your ballot in the mail. County officials begin mailing out ballots about a month before the election.

Fill out the ballot and remember to seal, sign and date the return envelope. Make sure your signature matches the one you provided when registering.

You can then vote in any of three ways:

  • Mail your ballot any time up through the Election Day. Postage is free!
  • Drop your ballot in an official ballot Drop Box any time up to 8 p.m. on Election Day. (If you live in Santa Clara County, you can find a Drop Box near you.)
  • Bring your ballot or vote in person at a county Vote Center, beginning ten days before Election Day in Santa Clara County. (Vote Centers will close at 8 p.m. on Election Day.) Under new rules, you don't need to vote in the precinct where you live. You can look online to find a Vote Center near you.

Vote early to avoid any crowds or delays on Election Day!

You Can Even Track Your Ballot

You can sign up for alerts by text message, email or voice call to track the status of your vote-by-mail ballot. Visit for details. 

New Ways to Vote : Register Online and Vote By Mail!

Under new procedures adopted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all California voters now have the option to vote by mail – or drop off their ballot in person.

Your old polling place may not be open on Election Day. But you can find the nearest Vote Center or Ballot Drop Box by checking with your county election office

Look for a Ballot Drop Box Near You

official ballot drop box on sidewalkIf you're registered to vote in Santa Clara County, you can drop your ballot in the official Ballot Drop Box on the sidewalk outside the RSS Building, near the entrance that faces Staff/Student Lot A.

You can also click the buttons to find a Ballot Drop Box or a county Vote Center near you.

Find A Drop Box 

Find Vote Center

If You Don't Receive Your Ballot

Your vote is your voice. Be heard.If you are registered to vote and don't receive your ballot in the mail, visit the nearest Vote Center or call your Registrar of Voters. The number for Santa Clara County is 1.866.430.VOTE (8683). 

As always, you are eligible to vote if you are

  • At least 18 years old
  • A U.S. citizen
  • Registered to vote at your current residence

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