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Tight budget?

Here's how you can make your book dollars go further at De Anza:

NEW  Free or Low-Cost Textbooks

Many classes now use zero-cost or low-cost textbooks and other materials. You'll find these classes marked with special symbols in the course listings.

book iconLook for a green book symbol when you search the course listings on MyPortal.

Or look for a green dot when you search on De Anza’s website

zero cost icon“Zero-Cost” means all required course materials for this class are available at no cost to students.

low-cost icon“Low-Cost” means required course materials for this class cost no more than $50.

Course Reserves

Some textbooks or other books required by instructors can be borrowed for short periods from the Library at no cost. Search the Library catalog under "Course Reserves."

Bookstore Rentals

Many textbooks can be rented from the Bookstore, at lower cost than purchasing them outright.

DASB Textbook Exchange

The DASB Textbook Exchange is a public Facebook group, created by the Student Rights and Services Committee of the De Anza Associated Student Body. Individuals can post titles or photos of used books they want to sell or trade.

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