General Meeting Information

Date: May 20, 2020
Time: College Planning Committee
Location: Virtual

  • Agenda


    1. Complete Annual Shared Governance Assessment Survey

    2. Review SEA Program Fund Allocations:

    • Percentage of positions being charged to the SEA Program Fund
    • Review vacant positions and program areas
    • Review additional pay 
  • Minutes

    Attendees: Mallory Newell (Chair), Christina Espinosa-Pieb (College President) Randy Bryant (CTE), Lorrie Ranck (VP & IPBT), Rob Mieso (VP & SSPBT), Marilyn Booye (SSPBT), Mary Pape (SLO), Karen Chow (Academic Senate), Deepa Yuvaraj (BSI Coordinator), Tony Santa Ana (Equity Program Coordinator), Alicia Cortez (EAC), Pam Grey (VP & APBT), Marisa Spatafore (VP), Yvette Alves-Campbell Absent: Heidi King (Classified Senate), Tim Shively (Faculty Association), Qingyuan (Max) Chen (DASB)

    The committee reviewed the budget sheet provided by Martin Varela. He reported that at this time, the SEA funds are overspent if we fill all vacant positions and award additional pay as we have in the past. All funds are tied up in benefits and salaries at this time. Pam Grey informed us that there is no General Funds available to offset any positions and additional pay has already been allocated. 

    The group reviewed the vacant positions, the positions that are not 100% funded by SEA and the areas of additional pay including student tutors. Martin advised the group that the SEA funds may be cut by 15% this next year. 

    Pam Grey indicated that since the budget situation is so unknown at this time that senior staff take a closer look at the budget spreadsheet to determine if all positions on the list are currently filled or if any are vacant. Once more information is avaialble after July, to come back to the group with an updated budget worksheet and plan for moving forward. The group will not meet again until summer. 

    Newell noted that in the fall, the group will need to begin working on the accreditation midterm report and updates to the Quality Focused Essay. The group then completed the Annual Governance Assessment survey and reviewed the Governance Handbook and had updates to the committee membership. 

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