General Meeting Information

Date: April 9, 2020
Time: 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Location: Virtual

  • Agenda

    Review SEA proposal and template.

    Ongoing items:

    • Accreditation Mid-term Report and Update on the Quality Focus Essay – Writing to begin fall 2020

    Quality Focus Essay - Fall 2019 Summary of Activities

    Quality Focus Essay - Fall 2018 Summary of Activities

    • Assessment of governance per the planning calendar to take place this year:
      • What does governance look like on campus? Is there guidance and direction? (see: Handbook)
      • Is there orientation to your governance group?
      • How are we assessing the work of the governance groups? (via the annual governance survey)
      • Do people feel like they have a voice in the process?
      • Are there other ideas on how best to assess our governance process?
    • Review Governance Handbook
      • Add who has a vote in each committee? e.g. students, part timers, etc.

      • Are committees using the handbook as part of their orientation of new members?

      • Can a contact person be included for each committee?

      • Can a DASB spot on every committee be designated?

      • Action item: Share handbook with your constituency group to provide feedback, thoughts, edits.

  • Minutes

    College Planning Committee

    Attendees: Mallory Newell (Chair), Christina Espinosa-Pieb (College President) Randy Bryant (CTE), Lorrie Ranck (VP & IPBT), Rob Mieso (VP & SSPBT), Marilyn Booye (SSPBT), Mary Pape (SLO), Karen Chow (Academic Senate), Heidi King (Classified Senate), Tim Shively (Faculty Association), Deepa Yuvaraj (BSI Coordinator), Tony Santa Ana (Equity Program Coordinator), Alicia Cortez (EAC), Pam Grey (VP & APBT), Marisa Spatafore (VP), Qingyuan (Max) Chen (DASB), Yvette Alves-Campbell

    The group further reviewed the SEA program proposal template and reubric. The group agreed that we should wait to inform the governance groups of the new process until we determine if there is any additional SEA funds avaialble to allocate out to the campus in 2020-2021 beyond those that have already been allocated, largely to positions and benefits. Newell will follow up with Martin Varela on the status of the budget. It was agreed that in the fall, Newell can share the process with the governance groups while she is also sharing an update on the governance processes and the governance handbook. 

    As part of the ongoing assessment of shared governance, the group agreed to administer the Annual Governance Assessment survey to all governance groups which is due at the end of the quarter. The governance groups will also be asked to review and update and provide feedback on the Governance handbook. 

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