General Meeting Information

Date: February 6, 2020
Time: 3 - 4 p.m.
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

    Review minutes from January 24, 2020 retreat:  January 24, 2020 - SEA Retreat
    - SEA Program Changes Presentation
    - SEA Program Expenditures Guidelines Presentation
    - SEA Annual Expenditures Presentation
    Review DASB Budget to better understand the programs and services they are currently supporting:  
    Review and discuss SEA Program Funding Proposal and Rubric

    Ongoing Items for 2019-20:

    - What does governance look like on campus? Is there guidance and direction? (see: Handbook)
    - Is there orientation to your governance group?
    - How are we assessing the work of the governance groups? (via the annual governance survey)
    - Do people feel like they have a voice in the process?
    - Are there other ideas on how best to assess our governance process?

    - Add who has a vote in each committee? e.g. students, part timers, etc.
    - Are committees using the handbook as part of their orientation of new members?
    - Can a contact person be included for each committee?
    - Can a DASB spot on every committee be designated?
    - Action item: Share handbook with your constituency group to provide feedback, thoughts, edits.
    - Should CPC develop a handbook template for new members that each committee can add to and post it online for orientation to each committee?

  • Minutes

    Attendees: Mallory Newell (Chair), Christina Espinosa-Pieb (College President) Randy Bryant (CTE), Lorrie Ranck (VP & IPBT), Rob Mieso (VP & SSPBT), Marilyn Booye (SSPBT), Mary Pape (SLO), Karen Chow (Academic Senate), Heidi King (Classified Senate), Tim Shively (Faculty Association), Deepa Yuvaraj (BSI Coordinator), Tony Santa Ana (Equity Program Coordinator), Alicia Cortez (EAC), Pam Grey (VP & APBT), Marisa Spatafore (VP), Qingyuan (Max) Chen (DASB), Yvette Alves-Campbell

    Guests: Diana Alves De Lima

    The group reviewed the minutes from the SEA program retreat on January 24 and reviewed the changes to the College Planning Committee website and new location for the committee on the Shared Governance page.

    Newell shared the DASB budget for 2018-19 to look at programs DASB supported through funding last year to become aware of programs that may be seeking funding from sources such as DASB or SEA funds moving forward. Newell then shared a draft SEA program funding proposal template and rubric. The committee reviewed and provided feedback.

    The group felt that funding proposals should be closely tied to the purpose of the SEA program funds which included: AB 705, Guided Pathways and closing equity gaps. The group also felt that the proposals should be closely aligned with the metrics and disproportionately impacted student groups identified in the colleges annual SEA update, which are very specific to closing equity gaps each year, and which the college need to report progress on the following year. The group felt that funding proposals should be submitted to Mallory Newell and a tracking sheet will be developed to track incoming proposals.

    The group asked if there should be a limit of how much funding is available per proposal. They also suggested that there should be a contingency fund set aside to cover unexpected costs, for example, 10% of all funding available is set aside for this purpose. It was then discussed that all of the funding requests that the CPC feels meet the parameters would then go to College Council as a recommendation for funding and College Council would be the approving body.

    Chow emphasized that each member, who is representing a distinct constituency group, should ensure that they report out to their members. It was discussed that each member should request a standing agenda item at their meetings to share what the CPC is working on. It was also agreed that the College Council will also have a standing item to report out on CPC work.

    The group discussed adding a clear timeline for funding proposals, adding information about what the proposals can and cannot fund and how we will disseminate the call for proposals so that the college is aware of the new process. The Office of Equity offered to continue to provide information sessions for potential programs that will be applying for funds. Further, the committee agreed that each program shall submit a short report on what the funding was used for and how it impacted the metrics and groups identified in the proposal. This information can be used in the annual SEA updated. Newell will draft a template for the group to review.

    The next meeting will take place on March 5 where we will continue to work on the draft proposal and rubric.

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