General Meeting Information

Date: March 19, 2019

  • Agenda

    Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    Timeline & Deadline Disscussion I/D All
    Equity Plan Needs I/D All
    Master Plan Discussion I/D All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Meeding Notes

    Attendees: Mallory Newell (Chair), Mae Lee (SLO Committee), Diana Alves De Lima (IPBT), Pam Grey (APBT), George Robles (SSPBT), Lorna Maynard (Classified Senate), Karen Chow (Academic Senate), Mary Pape (Academic Senate), Marisa Spatafore (Administration), Christina Espinosa-Pieb (President), Randy Bryant (CTE), Rob Mieso (SSPBT), Alicia Cortez (AEC), Amine El Moznine (DASB), Ola Sabawi (Research), Lorrie Ranck (IPBT)

    The timeline was discussed and Newell shared that she is on the calendar of the following shared governance groups: APBT, IPBT, Classified Senate, Academic Senate, SSPBT, College Council, EAC the week of April 15-26. It was encouraged that each member of the committee share the template and goals with their constituent groups as soon as possible and start gathering feedback, as the timeline is tight to submit the item to the BOT by April 30. It was also discussed that when presenting the plan that an overview of the charge of the CPC and the membership be shared, as not everyone knows about the committee and its role on campus.

    It was also determined that after Mallory and Ola finish the data and write the Equity Plan, that the Plan goes back to the CPC for review and approval at is April 16th meeting. The group set all metrics together but will need to go back at the April 16 meeting and set metrics for the groups identified as disproportionately impacted in the Equity Report.

    The group set a master plan metric, an aspirational metric and a standard for each Institutional Metric identified. Newell sent the report to the committee members and they were encouraged to share the metrics with their constituency groups.

    The next meeting will be on April 16th.

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