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Date: March 15, 2018
Time: 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Location: ADM 106

  • Agenda

    Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    Review Educational Master Plan Update 2016 -17 I/D All

    State of the Valley Highlight Trends

    I/D All
    Visions Statements I/D All
    Converging Priorities I/D All

    Discuss Items for next meeting



    Update on Equity Section of the IPBT & SSPBT


    Alicia Cortez

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Meeting Minutes

    Attendees: Mallory Newell, Tono Ramirez, Anu Khanna, Susan Cheu, George Robles, Karen Hunter, James Nguyen, Karen Chow, Anu Khana, Lorrie Ranck, Marisa Spatafore, Alicia Cortez, Coleen Lee-Wheat, Brian Murphy

    The group reviewed the Educational Master Plan Update 2016-17 and corresponding Institutional Metrics. The group felt that we should continue to focus on the six identified metrics that were included in the Quality Focus Essay: Basic Skills English, ESL and Math, CTE Completion Rate, FTES, and Civic Engagement.  The group discussed the institutional metrics and determined that it is important to continue to monitor progress on the six metrics identified last year and included as action items in the QFE.

    The group then looked at the state of the valley highlights and discussed trends within the valley around job growth, housing, transportation, population changes, and income levels. It was discussed that this document should also be shared with the deans and planning teams. State of the Valley Highlights 2018

    The group looked at vision statements of other colleges and developed a few. The one that rose to the top was: Empower student to attain their educational goal, develop an equity-based mindset, and become civic leaders in their community.  

    The group then discussed an overarching document which aligns out strategic initiatives with mandated plans including AB 705, Strong Workforce, the Integrated Plan, and Guided Pathways, and where each plan aligns. This document will be shared with College Council and the planning teams as a guiding document during our budget reductions: Converging Priorities

    The group discussed that we will visit the review of the mission and how best to engage the college in the process at the next meeting. At that time, the first round of budget reduction plans will be submitted and we will have a better understanding of what the college will look like next year.

    Alicia Cortez provided an update to the equity section of the IPBT and SSPBT forms that she would like to integrate next year. The group reviewed the document and provided feedback.

    The next meeting will be on Thursday, April 19 from 1:30-3 in ADM106.

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