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Jorge Morales
Counselor and Co-Coordinator, FYE
Learning Center West (LCW) 102

Make an Appointment!

While you won't be able to visit us in person during the 2021 spring quarteryou can schedule a phone or Zoom video meeting with one of our counselors by using our online scheduling tool.


NEW: Drop-In Counseling Office Hours

Now you can "drop in” on Zoom – no appointment required!

The FYE counselor provides comprehensive services to support eligible students in their educational, career and personal development. 


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Our counselor can assist you with

  • Choosing classes to reach your academic goal, such as earning a degree or certificate or transferring to a university
  • Creating an educational plan
  • Finding resources on campus, such as tutoring or other academic assistance
  • Exploring career options
  • And more!

Specialized services include 

  • Dedicated counselor until students transfer or graduate
  • University and transfer visits
  • Career counseling and student success courses
  • Help with financial aid applications
  • Integrated, culturally relevant instruction and student services

FYE serves students who are

  • First-generation in college (parents do not have a college degree)
  • First-time attending college
  • English placement in LART 250 and EWRT 1A
  • Committed to taking the entire FYE cohort courses for the entire school year

Before enrolling in the FYE cohort, all FYE students are required to attend a Summer Bridge program designed for incoming FYE students at De Anza.

Students who aren't in the FYE program can visit the general Counseling and Advising Center or a counselor within their division or program.

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