Math 210 Spring

COURSE: Math 210.-45Z (41939)

College Math Preparation Level 1: Pre Algebra - 5 Units.

Instructor: Chris Tsuji

Office availability: Zoom, Monday, Wednesday 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Email instructor for link.

On Line Class
Lectures will be with Zoom: Monday, Wednesday Starting TIME: 6:30 pm
Use the link in canvas to go to the class.
They will be recorded and placed in handout page.

Instructions for zoom and Canvas:

Course Objectives: This course covers basic arithmetic in application problems, estimation, the real number system, variables and linear equations, graphs of linear equation and the Cartesian coordinate system and the concept of functions.

Textbook: Prealgebra Textbook, Second Edition, Department of Mathematics, College of the Redwoods, 2012-2013. Book Download.

The book is FREE. You do not have to buy at the bookstore if you can use an electronic copy.
Textbook and assignments, go to this page.

Materials: Paper - lined or unlined, pencil, eraser, graph paper. No calculators are allowed. Internet connection.  Working knowledge with Zoom and Canvas.
Must have a laptop computer or desktop computer to do the quizzes and exams.Check: for training and internet access questions.

Time commitment:  It is expected a minimum of 8 hours a week should be spent on this class. Mastery of the material should determine by how much time you spend, not the clock. Please schedule time everyday.

Academic Integrity:  You are responsible for your actions and behavior in this class. Behavior that is not appropriate, may be reported to the division dean and subsequent action may be taken.

Email Instructor: Email Requirements - Please read !
Email Address:

Attendance - - Be sure you are aware of the attendance policy.
What to do before first class.
Assignment List -Due Dates - Lecture
Examinations and Quizzes
Green sheet
Handouts - Recording
Important Dates
Student Learning Outcomes

If you can not find information  that you need on this web site, contact instructor and ask.

Wishing you all the best in the days ahead.

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