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I really enjoy working with students and using math/statistics to solve everyday questions that we all have.  As an instructor in the Mathematics department at DeAnza college, I have many opportunities to do just that.

Prior to teaching at DeAnza College, I worked as a full-time analyst who was responsible for designing and implementing product experimentation at Netflix and at Chegg.   When I'm not teaching, I enjoy hiking, sewing, walking with my dog, traveling and discovering new music.

I think that being a part of the DeAnza community is a gift.  When I'm on campus with free time, I often hang out in the Math Tutoring Center.  If you see me and you have a question, feel free to ask me.  I may know the answer and I may not.  In either case, we may just learn something new.  Best wishes for success both here at DeAnza and beyond! 

Classes I Teach

Winter 2022

36830MATH 1A48ZCalculus
30315MATH 1030ZIntroductory Statistics
35749MATH 1034ZIntroductory Statistics

Fall 2021

25318MATH 10Q02Introductory Statistics
25316MATH 10Q15Introductory Statistics
25317MATH 210XQ02Support for Statistics
25315MATH 210XQ15Support for Statistics

Faculty Info

Shoji Temple

Lisa Mesh





  • BS, St Mary's Dominican College, 1983
  • MBA, University of Notre Dame, 1985
  • MS Statistics, Southern Methodist University, 1993

Office Hours

Winter 2022

    • Monday - Thursday 12:30 - 1:25p  
      • Link is in Canvas on Homepage in the top Module.

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