Susan Tavernetti
Department Chair, Instructor, Film History



Film/Television Department

Classes I Teach

Winter 2022

37110F/TV 150ZIntroduction to Cinematic Arts
37875F/TV 1H50ZIntroduction to Cinematic Arts - HONORS
37062F/TV 2A50ZHistory of Cinema (1895-1950)
37876F/TV 2AH50ZHistory of Cinema (1895-1950) - HONORS
00889F/TV 2B50ZHistory of Cinema (1950-Present)
37877F/TV 2BH50ZHistory of Cinema (1950-Present) - HONORS

Fall 2021

01033F/TV 150ZIntroduction to Cinematic Arts
26914F/TV 1H50ZIntroduction to Cinematic Arts - HONORS
02513F/TV 2A50ZHistory of Cinema (1895-1950)
26915F/TV 2AH50ZHistory of Cinema (1895-1950) - HONORS
01035F/TV 2B50ZHistory of Cinema (1950-Present)
26916F/TV 2BH50ZHistory of Cinema (1950-Present) - HONORS
26499F/TV 75G50ZHistory of Animation (1900-Present)
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