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Journalism and Mass Communication

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JOUR 2 Mass Communication and Its Impact On Society416-17

JOUR 21A News Writing and Reporting316-17

JOUR 21B Feature Writing and Reporting316-17

JOUR 61A Student News Media Production I316-17

JOUR 61B Student News Media Production II316-17

JOUR 61C Editorial Leadership for Student News Media316-17

JOUR 62A Freelance Reporting for Student Media116-17

JOUR 62B Freelance Photography for Student Media116-17

JOUR 62C Freelance Video Production for Student Media116-17

JOUR 62D Freelance Digital Production for Student Media116-17

JOUR 62E Freelance Graphic Production for Student Media116-17

JOUR 62F Freelance Copy Editing for Student Media116-17

JOUR 77W Special Projects in Journalism116-17

JOUR 77X Special Projects in Journalism216-17

JOUR 77Y Special Projects in Journalism316-17

JOUR 77Z Special Projects in Journalism416-17

JOUR 78W Special Topics in Journalism116-17

JOUR 78X Special Topics in Journalism216-17

JOUR 78Y Special Topics in Journalism316-17

JOUR 78Z Special Topics in Journalism416-17

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