Applying to De Anza? 

Check out the FAQs below.

Can I apply online?

No.  At this time, international students seeking an I-20 for F-1 visa status must apply using the paper International Students Application.  This form and all supporting documents must be mailed or delivered to the address below (no emails, scans, or faxes).

De Anza College
Attn: International Student Programs
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

Can I study ESL only?

No, De Anza does not have a language program.  You will take ESL or English classes as part of your degree in addition to other general education and major-related classes.  If you are interested in taking ESL classes only, you can find our list of partner language schools on the admission home page.

Can I take part-time classes only?

No, international students on an F-1 visa must enroll and complete a minimum of 12 units every quarter (excluding summer quarter) in order to comply with US immigration regulations. 

Note: If you have an I-20 from another school and you would like to take part-time classes at De Anza, please follow your school's procedures for concurrent enrollment.

Can I apply to De Anza with tourist (B) visa?

No.  B visa holders are prohibited from enrolling in community colleges in the USA.

How can I change from H, J, or other visa status to F-1?

Come to the ISP office to meet with the admissions coordinator about your situation.

How can I pay the $75 application fee?

You can pay by credit card using the Application/Express Mail Fee Credit Card available under Admission Forms or by check or money order, made payable to "De Anza College."

Can I get my original documents back after I apply?

No. All documents submitted to De Anza College as part of the application become property of the college. This is a common practice among schools in the U.S. Students should always request more than one set of their transcripts or other important documents for other future needs.

Unique and one-of-a kind foreign transcripts/diplomas will only be returned to the student upon request, and ONLY after the student completes his/her first quarter at De Anza College.

Can I be my own financial sponsor?

Yes, just provide your own original, official bank letter and be sure to sign the Confidential Financial Statement on page 3 of the application form.

Can I change my major later after I submit my application?

The major that you list on your application form will be printed on your I-20.  If you do not write in a major, we will automatically put "Liberal Arts & Sciences."  Major changes can only be done after your first quarter at De Anza and by making an appointment with a counselor.  However, you are free to start taking classes for your new/preferred major at any time. 

How long will it take to receive my I-20?

Soon after you apply, you will receive a confirmation email listing any missing documents that we are still waiting to receive to complete your application. Once your application is complete, it takes 2-4 weeks to process and issue your I-20. 

When are tuition and fees due?

International students on the F-1 visa are given until the 2nd Friday of the fall, winter, or spring quarter to pay their tuition and fees.  (Student taking summer quarter classes must pay immediately upon registering).

Do I need to take the SAT or ACT?

No, these tests are not required for admission to De Anza College.

I already have a college degree.  Do I have to submit a proof of English proficiency? 

If you have a bachelor or master's degree from the U.S., you can waive the English proficiency requirement for admission. If your degree is from your home country, you must submit proof of English proficiency.

Can I transfer credit from  another school to De Anza?

Once you become a student at De Anza College, you will have a chance to meet with a counselor who will help you forward your transcripts to Admissions & Records for evaluation.

Note: De Anza does not evaluate foreign transcripts or credentials.  Foreign transcripts must be translated and evaluated by an outside, certified agency first.

Am I considered a CA resident if I have lived here for a year or more?

No, F-1 international students are never considered residents, regardless of how long they remain in the state. 

Note: If your status has changed to a US citizen or permanent resident, please notify ISP and then go to the Admissions & Records office.

Can my spouse or children come with me to the USA?

Yes, dependents are allowed to accompany F-1 visa holders on the F-2 visa.  If your family plans to reside with you as F-2, you must submit the Dependent Information Form available under Admission Forms and a copy of their passport with your application.

Does De Anza College offer housing?

No, like most community colleges in the US, De Anza does not have dormitories on campus and we do not directly arrange housing for students.  The ISP office provides some housing resources and recommendations to international students during orientation and on the website.

Can I work while attending De Anza?

F-1 international students may work on campus up to 19 hours a week.  There is not a centralized location on campus to advertise jobs, so students must visit various offices/departments to inquire directly about job opening.  CPT and OPT options are available to students who meet certain requirements- more information about these options is available to currently enrolled students through workshops or individual meetings with an ISP advisor.

Can I waive the health insurance?

It is mandatory for all F-1 international students to purchase the health insurance plan selected by the Foothill-De Anza district.  Waivers are granted only under very specific circumstances: if you are covered under an insurance plan from a parent or spouse who is a US citizen or permanent resident.  Contact Office Coordinator Ines Cordoba Robyn for more information about health insurance.

Are scholarships or financial aid available?

F-1 students are not eligible for financial aid; however, you can apply for certain scholarships after beginning your first quarter at De Anza.

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