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Scholarships are generally private funds that are given to students, often on a competitive basis. Scholarship awards may be based on academic performance or other factors. Not every student will win a scholarship, but the first step is to see what might be available.

De Anza uses an online system called AcademicWorks that lets you apply for a variety of scholarships that are offered specifically to students at De Anza or Foothill College. You can use the system to find scholarships that are most appropriate for you. You can then use the system to apply online.

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 A few notes:

  • If you don't meet the minimum criteria listed on the scholarship posting you apply for, your application will not be considered for the scholarship.

  • If you fail to attach a legible copy of any of the required documents – such as transcripts, letters of recommendation or the "My Story" essay – your application will be incomplete and it will not be considered for the scholarship.

  • All required documents must be submitted online.

  • There is no limit to how many scholarships you can apply for, but please review the minimum requirements before you apply.

Once you create a scholarship profile, you can monitor the status of any scholarships for which you have applied. Just log back into your account by using the link above or through your MyPortal account.

Most scholarship funds are distributed in spring or fall quarter. You must be enrolled in at least six units, unless a different requirement is specified in the scholarship posting.

Additional scholarships

Here are some other sites you can check for information about scholarships that aren’t restricted to De Anza or Foothill students.

Terms and Conditions

Please note: Each type of financial aid has important terms and conditions that you must follow. See this page for details.

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