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Workshop Description

Workshop Description

F-1 Employment/ Social Security/

COOP Education

Overview of different types of on and off campus employment and De Anza's Cooperative Education Program as gateway to internships. Eligibility, Social Security number, application for authorization and practical trainings will be explained.

Graduation & Transfer Readiness

Discuss issues and tips for successful graduation and transfer to 4-years institution;such as filing for AA/AS degrees, choosing the right university, GE and IGETC certification, etc.

Applying to UC

Application deadline for the University of California is November 30th. Are you on the right track towards completing all of the IGETC and major requirements? Each UC campus is unique and admissions are done by individual campus. The quality of personal statement is essential for the admission consideration.

San Francisco State,

San Jose State & Other Representatives

Representatives from San Francisco State & San Jose State University come to the ISP office and meets with students to discuss admission requirement.
GE Requirements A review of the three GE ‹General Education› patterns: AA/AS, CSU, IGETC. Will also cover GE certification for transfers.
Tips for Recommendation Letters/Personal Statement for UC's Admissions to universities have become more and more competitive.  Every top university is looking for students who not only have excellent grades, but is seeking students who are outstanding in personal experiences and will distinguish them from other students.  International Student Counselors will provide tips on how to get the best recommendation letters and how to write a good personal statement.
Private University Applications

Applying to private universities is quite different from applying to CSU or UC. Private universities offer more scholarships and financial assistance to students. Understand how to research for the right private university for you.


How To Deal

With Emergencies

In case of an accident or emergency, such as an auto or bicycle accident, injuries, or apartment burglaries: What should you do? In case of a personal injury or crisis, such as major illness, sudden loss or family member or financial resources, sexual assault: What should you do? To protect yourself, learn about how to prevent these events and deal with these dangers.
F-1 Immigration Updates

Overview of all F-1 rules and regulations, which are constantly changing. Be updated on the latest developments regarding SEVIS, travel, visa renewal, legal F-1 status, full time enrollment, benefits of F-1 status, and more.

Filing for your Degree and/or Certificate

Open House

Counselors at ISP work with students on their Graduation requirements. A couple of days during the Spring Quarter are exclusively dedicated to help students filing for Graduation of AA/AS degrees and certificates programs. Take advantage of these dates to file for your degree in a timely manner.
Choosing a Major & Career How to assess your career interest(s) and choose the right major to match.
Income Tax Workshop

All F-1 students must file tax forms with the U.S. government. If you have received any employment type income, the filing deadline is April 15. All other students must file by June 15.

 California Budget   Crisis & Impact on  University Admissions Due to budget crisis, CSUs and UCs, as well as private universities, are making changes to their admissions.  They will impact international students transferring to these universities.  International Student Counselors will provide you with updated information on  these changes and give you tips on how to plan for your transfers.

Beyond F-1:

Pursuing H-1Band

Permanent Residency
Are you interested in knowing what are some options that an international student has after graduation and Practical Training?  How does a company hire and sponsor an employee for the work permit and visa, H-1B?  What do student have to prepare to apply for H-1B?  How can one become eligible for Permanent Resident, or Green Card?  An immigration attorney will give you an overview of the eligibility, requirements, and procedures.  Get the information early and plan your future.
Making the Most of your Transfer Fair

The Transfer Fair is the best opportunity for you to meet face-to-face with an admissions officer. When you talk to the university representatives, it is important to give them a good impression of you by asking the right questions and get your answers within a short time.  This workshop will advice you what type of questions to ask and what information you need in order to prepare you well for your application in the future and your chance of being accepted.

What have you learned from the Transfer Fair?

You collected lots of brochures and information from the Transfer Fair.  What do you do now?  How do you decide which university is best for you?  What courses to take at De Anza to meet their admission requirements?  How to research for the right university to transfer to?  Come to this workshop.

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