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World Languages Prerequisite Clearance

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please provide enough time for application evaluation.
The World Languages evaluation process is a voluntary task, and faculty are RARELY able to evaluate applications immediately. Please plan to submit your application and transcripts at least four weeks PRIOR to your registration date for the quarter in which you wish to take the world language course. Otherwise, the prerequisite may not be cleared in time for you to register for the course.


Most World Languages classes (second quarter and above) have prerequisites, which are courses that must be successfully completed (C or better) before you register for the next level course.

Prerequisites are listed
in the Schedule of Classes and College Catalog. If you have taken a world language in high school, one year of study is normally equivalent to one quarter.

If you did not complete the prerequisite course at De Anza, you must complete the following steps to show that you have satisfied the prerequisite requirements.


IIS Equivalency Evaluation Form

  1. Fill out the IIS equivalency evaluation form, and
  2. Submit transcripts when available, and/or
  3. Contact the respective World Language faculty contact for evaluation (see form page)

Department Websites

Departments with *asterisks are closed due to low enrollments and budget cuts.

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A. You have a copy of your high school and/or college transcript(s) for the world language course(s) that you have completed.
B. You don't have a transcript but are a native speaker of the language and/or have taken a community center or other informal language course(s).

NOTE: World Languages are the only departments that allow high school transcripts for prerequisite clearance. For Prerequisite Clearance information for courses other than World Languages, visit the Assessment website.

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