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INTL 5 Global Issues and Perspectives415-16

INTL 8 Sociology of Globalization and Social Change415-16

INTL 10 History of Art (Arts of Asia)415-16

INTL 11 Vietnamese Literature (from Tradition to Asian American Identity)415-16

INTL 13 Introduction to Korean Popular Culture415-16

INTL 19A History of Asian Civilization: China and Japan (to the 19th Century)415-16

INTL 19B History of Asian Civilization: China and Japan (19th - 21st Centuries)415-16

INTL 21 History of Art: Native Arts of Mesoamerica and the Andes415-16

INTL 22 History of Art: Arts of Africa, Oceania and Native North America415-16

INTL 23 History of Art: Visual Arts of Islam415-16

INTL 24 History of Art: Visual Arts of Africa415-16

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