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What is Geography?

Association of American Geographers

What do Geographers do?

Association of American Geographers

Geography organizations for students and professionals

Association of American Geographers:

California Geographical Society:

The Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG):

International Geographical Union:

European Geography Association for students and young geographers:

The Institute of Australian Geographers:

For US Weather, climate, satellite images, geology and topography

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):

National Weather Service, NOAA:

National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service:

NRL Monterey Meteorology Division (Satellite images):

US Geological Survey:

National Park Service:

For World Population, Refugees, Environment, Economy, Poverty and related issues:

Population Reference Bureau:

World Resources Institute:

World Bank:

CIA, The World Factbook:

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR):

United Nations, Demographic and Social Statistics:

International Data Base, US Census Bureau; Population Pyramids:

National Geographic Society:

For US population facts and figures:

US Census Bureau:

Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Statistical Abstract, US Census:

For Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS Lounge:

ESRI (GIS software maker):

USGS, What is a GIS?:

National States Geographic Information Council:


Geography Department Web sites at universities in the San Francisco Bay Area

Geography at UC Berkeley:

Geography at San Francisco State University:

Geography at San Jose State University:

Geography at Cal State East Bay:


Geography Department web sites at a few U.S. Universities in California (outside the San Francisco Bay Area)

Geography at UC Santa Barbara:

Geography at UCLA:

Geography at University of Southern California:

Geography at Cal State, Chico:

Geography at Cal State, Fresno:

Geography at Cal State, Fullerton:

Geography at Cal State, Humboldt:

Geography at Cal State, Long Beach:

Geography at Cal State, Los Angeles:

Geography at Cal State, Northridge:

Geography at Cal State, Sacramento:

Geography at Cal State, San Bernadino:

Geography at Cal State, San Diego:

Geography at Cal State, Sonoma:

Geography at Cal State, Stanislaus:

Geography Department web sites at a few U.S. Universities outside California

Geography at Penn State University:

Geography at University of Minnesota:

Geography at University of Wisconsin, Madison:

Geography at Clark University:

Geography at Syracuse University:

Geography at Rutgers University:

Geography at University of Colorado, Boulder:

Geography at University of Texas, Austin:

Geography at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign:

Geography at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill:

Geography at Boston University:

Geography at Arizona State University:

Geography at University of Nevada, Reno:

Geography at University of Florida, Gainesville:

Geography at Ohio State University:

Geography at University of Kansas, Lawrence:

Geography at University of Kentucky, Lexington:

Geography at University of Nebraska, Lincoln:

Geography at University of Alaska, Fairbanks:

Geography at University of Alaska, Anchorage:

Geography at University of Hawaii, Manoa:


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