Sections: Math 10H

In Winter 2019, I offer Math 10H Honors cohort sections in conjunction with my regular Math 10 sections.  Students interested in Math 10H need to get an add code from the instructor and drop Math 10 and add the corresponding section of Math 10H. This must be done by the college add deadline for the quarter - the college strictly enforces that deadline.

Math 10H Honors Information Sheet

Also refer to the Math 10 syllabus on the Math 10 homepage for information about how the regular Math 10 class works - Math 10H students are responsible for all regular Math 10 work as well as for doing the additional honors assignments.

Math 10H honors work for Winter 2019 consists of several problems sets extending our knowledge about topics in probability beyond that required for this course. 

  • The emphasis of most of these topics is on probability. 
  • Some of the assignments involve calculus for those who are interested but there are sufficient options for non-calculus based assignments for those who don't know calculus.
  • 5 honors assignments will be required of each student.  There is some choice. 
  • Each honors student will need to meet with instructor outside of class to get add code and then instructor will determine which honors assignments might be appropriate for each particular student.
  • It is expected that honors assignments are handed in on a time schedule of approximately one every two weeks (weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 OR weeks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11).  Some flexibility in this schedule is possible, but the assignments need to be spaced out and not all handed in at once at the end of the quarter in order for the instructor to be able to handle the workload of an honors section and for students to have a manageable workload in completing the honors assignments.
  • If you wish to do a project for honors work instead of problem sets, this instructor can not accommodate that.  Please find a different instructor for Math 10H who is willing to do project based honors work with his/her honors students.
  • If honors work is not completed, it may have a negative impact on your grade. This rarely occurs but it is possible, so you should plan carefully to be able to complete honors work if you are deciding to take Math 10H honors.

It is expected that honors students attend class regularly (same expectations as for regular Math 10 students)

Math 10H Honors will have a website in Canvas
Students who are enrolled in Math 10H will be able to log into that class site.
The honors assignments will be posted in the Math 10H Honors Canvas site.
Note that the honors assignments may not appear in that site until the second week of class after most Math 10H honors enrollment is completed.

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