Sections: Math 10H

In some quarters, I offer Math 10H Honors cohort sections in conjunction with my regular Math 10 sections.  Students interested in Math 10H need to get an add code from the instructor and drop Math 10 and add the corresponding section of Math 10H. This must be done by the college add deadline for the quarter - the college strictly enforces that deadline.

In quarters where I offer a Math 10H Honors cohort section,  Math 10H information will be posted on this page and also with a link from the Math 10 homepage. If you are considering Math 10H during a quarter when I offer that cohort section, please read that document to find out more about how Math 10H Honors works. 

Math 10 H information for the upcoming quarter will be available at the start of the quarter.

Until then, you can get an idea about Math 10 H from Math10H Honors information for class sections that I most recently taught in the past - from Winter 2018.
Some things will change but the main idea of how Math 10H works will be similar.
LINK HERE TO MATH 10Hgeneral information from Winter 2018
This document should open in a new tab or window as a pdf file.

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