About Me

I have been teaching math and statistics at De Anza College since 2001 and taught at Foothill College for several years before that. Although I teach statistics, calculus, and finite math most often, I enjoy teaching a wide variety of math courses at De Anza. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to introduce students to many applications of mathematics in the real world; mathematics is everywhere and affects our lives in many ways.

I have also worked in the finance industry as an actuary. An actuary analyzes financial risk based on past insurance or pension claims experience, prices insurance policies or pension plans, and analyzes profitability, and can do this in various areas of insurance (life, health, property) and pensions, using mathematics, probability and statistics as well as insurance (or pension) accounting and law.

Classes I Teach

Fall 2018

01508MATH 107Elementary Statistics and Probability
01510MATH 109Elementary Statistics and Probability
25063MATH 10H7HElementary Statistics and Probability - HONORS
25064MATH 10H9HElementary Statistics and Probability - HONORS
24849MATH 119Finite Mathematics
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