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Overview of Equity Planning Process and Timeline

 Why are we doing equity work?

 We want to build a campus that works for all of us and all of our students.

 What do I need to know about the equity planning process?

There is a State mandate that each community college reports on their equity goals and challenges as well as their action plans. The Office of Equity, in conjunction with Mallory Newell and Rowena Tomaneng, are leading a steering committee with the input from equity core teams that is producing a report, which is due November, 2015. 

 What am I responsible for?

Department Chairs: Assist with gathering narrative data about the culture of the division from a departmental perspective. They will begin the process by using the following handouts (available from your Dean, Equity Core Team or Equity Office):  Starting the Dialogue for Equity Planning and Department Equity Planning Analysis. Please return to your Equity Core Team as these are completed.


Important Documents

Equity Development Plan

Dialogue for Equity Planning

Closing the Achievement Gap in
Higher Education: An Organizational
Learning Perspective

Civic Capacity for Equity

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