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The Zoomification of the Body: Addressing Fatphobia in Online Spaces

Tovar Zoomification FlyerYou're invited to an online conversation with educator and activist Virgie Tovar, author of "The Self-Love Revolution" and "You Have the Right To Remain Fat." We'll discuss ways that fatphobia is perpetuated in online spaces and how to create online environments that are more inclusive of all bodies.

This event is sponsored by the Office of Equity and the Jean Miller Resource Room.

Queer and Now 2020 Conference

Thanks for making our June 5 conference a success!

Queer and Now 2020 flyerThis year's theme was "Give Me Shelter" –focusing on challenges that members of the LGBTQ+ community have faced in finding and creating safe shelter, especially during the pandemic.

Speakers included:

Kate Bornstein is an author, educator, and "radical role model" who has been deconstructing gender for over 30 years. According to her website: "She looks beyond the gender binary to see gender as both a conscious practice, and a playful journey." She is the author of Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us and Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws.

Julio Salgado is an undocumented, queer artist and activist. His work explores the intersections of sexuality, race, and immigration status, and he has been a key figure in the youth-led immigrant rights movement. He is the co-founder of Dreamers Adrift and the project manager for Culture Strike.

About the JMRR

The Jean Miller Resource Room for Women, Gender and Sexuality works to ensure that students, faculty and staff on the De Anza campus are free to self-determine their gender and sexual identities, regardless of income, race, or ability, and without facing harassment, coercion, discrimination or violence.

We advocate for a radically inclusive campus environment that is safe, equitable and just by placing the needs of historically marginalized people and communities at the center of our work.

On this webpage, you'll find resources, videos and more information about the JMRR and related programs. We welcome students, staff and faculty – especially those in the LGBTTIQQ2SA community – to visit us and build with us! 

Save the Date!

2020 Pride Ball: Friday, June 12, 6-8pm 

Queer and Now Conference Video

De Anza hosted its first Queer and Now Conference in 2015, with workshops and speakers from the larger LGBTQ community.

Local LGBTQQI+ Resources 

You'll find more sources of help and information on this LGBTQQI+ Resources webpage

General Campus Resources

  • The Child Development Center accepts children 18 months to five years of age, from families affiliated with De Anza College as well as the general public.
  • Disability Support Services assists students who have physical, psychological or other disabilities, vision, hearing impairments or ADD/ADHD.
  • Gay and Lesbian Employees and Friends (GALEAF): Contact Dorene Novotny at for more information.
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms are located in the East Cottage (ECOT 1), Multicultural Center (MCC), PE Quad 5 (PE 5), and G Building (G). See campus map
  • Student Health Services provides free and low-cost services to all students, including physical exams, emergency contraception, flu shots and birth control.
  • Student Psychological Services provides free, confidential psychological counseling to students, during daytime hours. For 24-hour services, see the resources listed above or below.

Additional Resources

Crisis Hotlines

Domestic Violence (multiple languages)

Health (including contraception, HIV services)

District Policy on Harassment and Discrimination

Please see the following policy documents for the Foothill-De Anza Community College District

Our History

In 2013, students in the Latino Empowerment at De Anza (LEAD) program conducted campuswide surveys and secured funding through DASB to establish the Jean Miller Resource Room for Women, Gender and Sexuality.  

Named after De Anza educator and activist Jean Miller, the Resource Room was created to centralize and provide resources, training, and programming aimed at increasing awareness and advocating for issues around the intersections of gender and sexuality with race, ethnicity, class, and disability. 

Miller was a beloved educator here at De Anza College. She was a mentor not only to students but also to her colleagues, including faculty and staff.

Born and raised in Denver, Miller worked in a variety of jobs over a 20-year period, before she became an educator. She sold office supplies, wrote legal briefs, modeled for students at art schools, sold magazine subscriptions and wrote computer code. During those two decades, she also participated in social movements, advocating for peace, civil rights, women's rights and gay rights.

Around the time her son turned 12, Miller went back to school. She earned a bachelor’s degree from New College of California and a master’s degree in creative writing from San Francisco State University. She began teaching English at De Anza in fall 1989.

The JMRR represents Jean Miller's legacy to current and incoming students at De Anza.

Our Accomplishments

Chosen Name and Pronoun Policy

word cloudJMRR interns Nahielly Torres, Mei Suzuki, and Matthew Travers, created the Chosen Name and Pronoun Policy which allows students across the De Anza and Foothill campuses to identify their chosen name and pronoun on campus documents, especially class rosters, preventing the trauma and anxiety that comes with being miss-represented in the classroom or when seeking services on campus.

Preferred Name Change Form 

Queer Intervention Task‐Force (QIT)

The Queer Intervention Task‐force (QIT) is a coalition of engaged students, faculty, and community activists addressing intersectional equity issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer students at De Anza College.Through transformative change, we aim to create a safer, more inclusive campus for LGBTQ identified people.QIT is an Equity Action Council Advisory Group. 

QIT was founded in June 2015 by student intern Maximus Grisso and a group of students and faculty concerned with De Anza College LGBTQ equity and campus safety. From this initial meeting, the group produced a list of Goals & Objectives for De Anza College. Since then, QIT picked up the Chosen Name and Pronoun Policy project, originally started by the Jean Miller Resource Room, and the Equity Action Council adopted QIT as an Advisory Group. QIT goals were:

  • To increase LGBTQ equity at De Anza College
  • To centralize De Anza College LGBTQ programing, activism, and advocacy
  • To follow through the Chosen Name and Pronoun Policy in a accessible, sensitive way
  • To create an inclusive, welcoming campus for LGBTQ identified individuals
  • To facilitate LGBTQ staff development and ally work

Ask a Student Web Series

Pronouns & Chosen Name Policy

 Working Class Students & Intersectionality

Campus Safety

Clothesline Project (Part of Take Back the Night)

Faculty Coordinator


Chesa Caparas


Pronouns: She/Her/Herself

Office Hours:

  • Monday: 11 a.m-1:30 p.m. and 3:20-4 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 3:20-4 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and 3:20-4 p.m.

Chesa teaches classes in English and Intercultural Studies. In both her classes and her community work, she uses an intersectional feminist framework to resist systems of inequality.

Her research interests include hip-hop pedagogy, representations of women in pop culture and post-humanism in the digital age.

Chesa loves art, music and food, and tries to incorporate all of these things into the work she does.

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