Kanako Valencia Suda
Instr Support Tech, Discipline



Student Success Center

Classes I Teach

Spring 2019

42878LRNA 7765RSpecial Projects in Learning Assistance
46197LRNA 9655YIntroduction to Peer Tutoring in Groups
46198LRNA 9855Tutor Training for Math/Science Tutors
42864SKIL 23264ZAdjunct Study Skills
42865SKIL 23265ZAdjunct Study Skills
42866SKIL 23266ZAdjunct Study Skills
42869SKIL 23269ZAdjunct Study Skills
42871SKIL 23270ZAdjunct Study Skills
42872SKIL 23271ZAdjunct Study Skills
42873SKIL 23272ZAdjunct Study Skills
42874SKIL 23273ZAdjunct Study Skills
43702SKIL 23274ZAdjunct Study Skills
42877SKIL 23364ZAdjunct Study Skills Practice
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