Behavioral Economics

Course Description

An introduction to the basic principles of conventional economics focusing on purely rational decision making contrasted to the more realistic behavioral economic model based on scientific studies of actual outcomes. Topics covered include the structure of the brain, loss-avoidance, emotions, experiences, social norms, framing, endowment effect, fairness, ethics, morals, trust, satisficing, status, herding, anchors, animal spirits, irrational exuberance, why smart people make investment mistakes, blurring social and financial arrangements, value of nudging people to make superior decisions, charitable donations, and happiness (money isn’t everything).

Class Details

CRN Course Section Days Times Instructor Loc
26425 ECON 5 1 MTWR··· 11:30 AM-12:20 PM Judith West ADM101

Class Materials: View textbook and/or other materials for this course available at the Bookstore.
Class Dates: This class runs from 2021-09-20 to 2021-12-10.

Footnote Information

ECON-005.-01 -: Fully ON-CAMPUS. This class meets on-campus each week on scheduled days and times as noted in the class listing.

Course Details

4 Units
Four hours lecture (48 hours total per quarter).
Gen Ed
General Education Class
Program Status
Program Applicable
Credit - Degree Applicable
Grading Method
Letter Grading


See general education pages for the requirements this course meets.
EWRT 1A or EWRT 1AH or (EWRT 1AS and EWRT 1AT) or ESL 5; ECON 1, 1H, 2 or 2H.
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