Transfer/Graduates 2020

Messages from ISP staff to Students

Nazy Galoyan, Dean of Enrollment Services and International Student Program

Congratulations on your outstanding achievement! Now looking back, you can see it was all worth it. Wishing you the best in the wonderful journeys you have chosen. Don't let challenges to stop you to take your best future. May you carry your spirit to snatch the chances, beat the challenges, and live a proud life. Congratulations on your graduation and transfer.

Joseph Ng, International Student Programs Supervisor

Congratulations on your achievement!!!  Keep working hard and success shall follow you everywhere you go.

Chelsea Yasenov, International Admissions Assistant

Congratulations, guys, on completing your journey at De Anza! I know this is not the way any of you were expecting to end it, but this situation does not make your accomplishments any less significant! We are all extremely proud of you and hope that De Anza stays close to your hearts as time passes and you pursue new adventures in life. I wish you the very best in whatever comes next and hope that our paths cross again in the future!

 Angelica Strongone, Program Coordinator / International Admissions

 Dearest students, 

It seems not too long ago that you arrived to De Anza and here you are ready to move on to your next journey in your education. You have worked so hard and have done it all in a foreign country, and for many of you while learning a foreign language. That alone is an awesome accomplishment! Be proud of yourself!  I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to know and serve you. I sincerely wish you the very best in what’s to come in your life! Keep in touch if you can, hearing back from students is one of the greatest satisfaction of my job :D 

Keep being awesome!


Angelica Strongone
Program Coordinator / International Admissions

 Jaclyn Su, Office Assistant

 Congratulations to all graduates for successfully completing your studies at De Anza and transferring to your dreamed universities. I know that not having the graduation ceremony, as usual, maybe a pity for you, but this unusual experience is another growth experience. I hope you have a more determined character and more forbearing efforts. I believe you will have a brighter future. I wish you every step of the way down the road to success.  ---Jaclyn Su

 Denica Kelly, International Student Counselor

 Congratulations students on your next big step! Whether you are graduating with your degree or transferring, we applaud you. It's been wonderful working with you and you'll be missed. We know, for many of you, it has been a long journey that's had it's challenges, along with the joys of new experiences. We hope from your time at De Anza, you take these lessons and move forward with the energy and knowledge to change this world! Congratulations again!

 Lynn Ling, Administrative Assistant

 Congratulations to the transferring and graduating class of 2020. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope you will look back fondly on your time here at De Anza. Times were difficult for many given the circumstances and I hope that as we return to normalcy you students can really enjoy your time before heading off to the future. Wish you all a happy and prosperous future.

 Allison Largent,International Student Advisor

 It has been such a pleasure to meet you, work with you and be part of your journey.  Thank you!  You are important; you are capable; and you are courageous.  I wish you all the strength and persistence needed to fulfill your dreams and the love and compassion to carry you on your way.  Never underestimate the power of kindness.  Please keep in touch!  With love, Allison

 Andrea Santa Cruz, International Student Advisor

Congratulations to you all for reaching your educational goal! Your dedication, commitment and hard work is admirable. I wish you continued success in your new path. It has been a pleasure to support you throughout your time at De Anza. Thank you for not only giving me the opportunity to assist you with your immigration needs but to also develop a personal friendship with many of you. I look forward to all the wonderful accomplishments you will continue to obtain. The sky is the limit!

My best,


 Ines Cordoba Robyn, Office Coordinator

Congratulations! You did it! It is a major accomplishment and you should be very proud! I am honored that I was a small part of your journey at De Anza! I hope that in the future when you look back at your time with us, you have happy memories! Remember, hard work pays off! I know you will go very far! Keep believing in yourself! Please keep in touch! Good luck on your next adventure!

Noemi Teppang, International Student Counselor

Congratulations! Thank you so much for allowing De Anza to be a part of your journey. I hope you leave here with a sense of pride and inspiration to continue onward. Now more than ever is an exciting time to be at the forefront of your respective fields. Remember the true purpose of education is not just about landing that job or making tons of money, it is really about how to give back to your family and community. I am inspired by your success this far and know that you will do better than the generations before to build a better world for us all!

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