Web Publishing Guide

Web Publishing Guide

Web Site Publishing Process

The process for developing new Web sites within the De Anza site is outlined below.

  1. You (the site owner) must contact the college Web coordinator (Webmaster) and request space on the Web server. You will need to designate a person (site editor) who is willing and able to maintain the Web site information. Note: If you are a faculty member who wants space on the faculty server (Manila), contact facultysupport@fhda.edu.
  2. The college Web coordinator will determine the site's location within the information architecture of the main site. To assist site editors with creating pages that meet accessibility standards, a site template is available.
  3. The college Web coordinator will designate a place for your Web site and give you a set of user names and passwords. This will enable you to test and edit your site on the development server and publish it on the live server. The Web Team will be available to provide advice, answer questions and help you build an effective site.
  1. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance, it is the responsibility of all site owners to revise and update their Web sites as necessary.
  2. The Web Team may check for errors and will notify the site owner and/or site editor of any suggestions or problems.
  3. The Web Team may periodically review sites for timely updates and accuracy. If a site contains outdated information, the Web Team will notify the site owner that revisions are needed. Sites that are not updated within two weeks of notification will be subject to removal until corrections are made.

Web Publishing Guide
Contact: Web Team

Last Updated: 8/1/17