Web Publishing Guide

Web Publishing Guide

Setting Up and Administering a Listserv 

This listserv service is for faculty and staff of De Anza College. All lists are subject to security reviews. The content of messages in a list is the responsiblity of the List Administrator. Any list message reported to the List Administrator (or the Server Administrator) that contains threatening, hateful, or otherwise questionable content will put the list under security review and possibly freeze it while an investigation ensues.

How to get a list established:

  • E-mail the Web Team with the following information:
    1. Your full name
    2. Your official FHDA e-mail address
    3. Campus (or contact) phone number
    4. Desired listserv name (one word, lowercase)
    5. Purpose of the listserv
    6. Listserv type:
      • Announcement (one way communication, sending messages to a group)
      • Discussion, unmoderated (members send messages to one another without a moderator)
      • Discussion, moderated (members send message to one another, moderator approves messages before sending
    7. Number of prospective list members
    8. Life of the list (How long will the list be operating? For a quarter, an academic year, ongoing, etc.)

You will be designated as the List Administrator of your list. Administration privileges, password information, and instructions will then be sent to you via your FHDA e-mail address.

Responsibilities of the List Administrator:

  • Use your official FHDA e-mail account as the List Administrator contact e-mail.
  • Provide list members with adequate guidelines about appropriate messages to the listserv.
  • Provide student e-mail addresses to the list (or how students/staff can join).
  • Let students know where they can find Internet access on campus (e.g. Open Media Lab).
  • Notify students how often they should check the list for messages.
  • Administer the list (add or delete members, provide additional security for the list: open list, closed list, password protected, etc.).
All lists must be set for confirmed membership. Allowing members to join without confirmation is prohibited.

Responsibilities of the students/staff using a list:

  • Adhere to the guidelines set by the List Administrator for posting messages to the list.
  • Know where on-campus access to the Internet is available.
  • Establish a reliable e-mail account.
  • Provide the List Administrator with your correct e-mail address.
  • Check your e-mail messages as often as required by the List Administrator.

Any list member who posts threatening or hateful messages to any De Anza list will be subject to possible investigation and punitive actions by De Anza College and/or law enforcement agencies.

Web Publishing Guide
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Last Updated: 8/1/17