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Technology Resources Group

Student Internships

Internships typically fall into one of the following categories:
Student Intern

• Multi-Media Production - Including, but not limited to, television studio production, field production, post production, graphics and effects.

• Multi-Media Technician - This position is focused on the technical elements of audio, video and multi-media. Engineering and Computer Science majors can focus on the technical, rather than the production side of our services.

• Web Technician - This position is focused on technical support of our De Anza web site, and our web users. This is not a web site design position.

Student interns can support their campus and gain important professional skills during their tenure with the Technology Resources Group. Following are the minimum requirements for becoming an intern with the TRG:

1) You must be a currently enrolled student at De Anza. If a paid internship is desired, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units. (If you are receiving Work Study Funds, you may have a minimum of 6 units.)  You must remain enrolled at De Anza, with a minimum of 12 units during the course of your internship. In addition, we require that you have taken and passed Film/TV 55a (Studio Production) or are currently enrolled in Film/TV 55a.

Student Intern2) We ask for a minimum commitment of one academic year. (This time commitment does not apply to internships required by some De Anza courses, i.e. Film/TV 55a.) We request a minimum one year commitment because our internships are designed to benefit both parties: The student will gain valuable professional experience, but will be expected to perform work for the department, based on the skills and training received.

There are several ways to work with the TRG:

1) Unpaid Internship: In an unpaid internship, the student can volunteer as many or as few hours per week as are available. The student does not gain college credit (unless intern hours are required by the course at De Anza.)

2) Paid Internship: In this category, the student becomes a part time employee of the college. Students may work up to 19 paid hours per week. To download the forms needed to become a paid student intern, please click here.

3) Work/Study: The Federal Work-Study Program provides jobs for students, usually on campus. Federal Work-Study funds are allocated and the student earns the money on an hourly basis while gaining experience in the workforce. Wages are considered taxable income. Students must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the federal financial aid application.
  • Meet all minimum eligibility requirements.
  • Be enrolled in 6 units.
For more information about your area of interest, send an email to

Technology Resources Group
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Phone: 408.864.5656

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