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Sustainability Management Plan

April 28, 2009 - SMP Breakout Workshop Notes

Energy and Climate — SMP and S.T.A.R.S. Experience

  • www.
  • Looking to /exploring info on other college campuses locally for how Energy and Climate is managed.
  • Write (email) letters to "upper-echalon" directors with proposals for how to implement changes in energy usage
  • Pete's intern experience = very improvised pilot program. He clocked his hours based on initiative taken on his own.
  • Biking is cool.
  • Less packaging (food, books, plastics)
  • Discounts for greens actions
  • Non-toxic materials and recycled
  • Textbook options - renting/online/sharing
  • Maximize online advantages (handouts, etc.)
  • Investing in recycling education and options
  • Invest in guides for students and faculty that inform on green merchandise
  • Purchasing with future in mind
  • Offer more green merchandise
  • NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System)
  • Automomotive Department chemicals
  • Film development chemicals
  • Toilets (auto vs. manual)
  • Cafeteria - old dishwasher?
  • Landscape - native plants
  • Washing machines - front load
  • Pervious pavers
  • Water runoff collection  - cistern
  • Brushing teeth
  • Compost vs. garbage disposal
  • Conserving water
  • Washing cars and driveways (BOD)
  • Prevention vs. restoration
  • Litter and water
  • Cashier receipts - necessary?
  • Web site Faculty - greensheets
  • Bins are confusing
  • Reuse vs. recycle
  • Waste paper used for scratch
  • Hand towels
    • sticker reminders
    • smaller towels
  • E-waste?
    • Refurbish computers for students
  • Where is away?
  • Give reusable drink containers to students/staff
  • Accessible Projects Web site ( (jkc note: elaborate)
  • Design problem - obsolete
  • Counseling classes - recycling curriculum
  • 1999 commitment to green building began on campus with Measure E, CEAG, LEED and Mike Brandy, then De Anza VP of Finance and College Services
  • Commitment continues with Measure C
    • Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies - Platinum
    • Visual and Performing Arts Center - Silver
    • Registration & Student Services Building and Science Center - Certified
    • Renovations going forward
  • Needs for improvements
    • Closing doors/Education on how to use the facilities
    • Students should be encouraged to ask questions
  • In the beginning of DAC, there was no consciousness regarding landscaping
  • Phase I of an earlier plan was to rid non-native plants and replace with natives
  • Phase II continues and expands the mission
  • DAC is using adapted irrigation controls to water smartly depending on weather, humidity, etc.
  • Kitchen compost is happening
  • Need signs to inform public what has already been done or what is going to happen



Contact: CEAG Committee

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