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Sustainability Management Plan

Implementation Timeline



SMP Element or Activity

Spring 2007

SMP completed and adopted by all levels of shared governance - completed Fall 2008


Fall 2007 & Winter 2008

  1. President develops roles and responsibilities for implementing the SMP
  2. Develop detailed written processes and procedures required to implement the plan
  3. Develop communication timeline
  4. Develop and begin implementing regulatory compliance connections to SMP and timeline for legal and other requirements register
  5. Meet with Environmental Health and Safety regarding same
  6. Develop and begin implementing plan for faculty communication and support building on Academic Senate work begun by representative of Environmental Studies

Spring Quarters 2008

Develop and optimize existing procedures related to sustainability management and integrate with compliance programs

Spring and Summer 2008

Develop operational controls

Spring 2008

Develop auditing plan

Spring 2008

Complete initial round of communication and education plan

Spring 2008

Develop monitoring and measuring plans

Spring 2008

Begin auditing training

Summer 2008

Completion of SMP documentation

Fall 2008

Begin internal SMP audits

Fall 2009

Begin interviews of registration body

Fall 2009

Select registration body

Spring 2009

Pre-certification audit

Spring 2009

Management review

Spring 2009

Certification audit

Spring 2009

Registration of SMP to ISO 14001

Contact: CEAG Committee

Last Updated: 6/5/08