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Sustainability Management Plan

History of CEAG

The SMP was spearheaded by the College Environmental Advisory Group (CEAG), which consists of staff, faculty, students, management and community members. The following is a history of CEAG. Also read about some of FHDA's sustainability efforts and accomplishments.

CEAG is a committee on De Anza's campus that monitors and makes recommendations to appropriate individuals and groups about college and district policies relating to environmentally sound practices. CEAG embraces and fosters principles of sustainability as core values.

CEAG was founded in 1992 by Julie Phillips, the Morgan Family Chair in Environmental Studies at the Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies.

In 1994 the Foothill-De Anza district adopted board policy on environmentally sound practices. Part of CEAG's mission was to ensure that De Anza met the standards set by FHDA's environmental policy. To assist in the implementation of these standards in all aspects of daily operations, CEAG has continued to monitor and make recommendations on the environmental performance criteria listed below:
  • Energy: renewable energy, conservation, energy efficiency - set criteria for compliance with Title 24 and beyond on a case-by-case basis, building commissioning, and site orientation to emphasize day-lighting and efficiency.
  • Materials and resources: construction materials, classroom equipment, solid waste recycling, and demolition materials recycling and diversion
  • Water conservation: efficient use of water, landscaping, wastewater and storm water management, and native and drought tolerant/resistant flora
  • Indoor environmental quality: indoor air quality, employee health and productivity, and day-lighting
  • Sustainability efforts: transportation, operations and maintenance, pollution prevention, sky friendly lighting, procurement

CEAG's position has been that the district would benefit from dedicated sustainability staff personnel for the following reasons. In 1992, the CEAG committee advocated for two full-time positions, including an energy management technician and a recycling coordinator. If these positions had been created, the district would possibly be further along on its sustainability pathway. It is therefore CEAG's recommendation that the college create a sustainability coordinator position for a timely and successful implementation of the proposed sustainability management plan.

CEAG holds monthly meetings that are open to everyone, with a membership goal to include at least one representative from each of the following areas: administration, faculty, staff, a student and one at-large member.

Visit the CEAG Web site for more information.

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Last Updated: 1/27/12