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Directed Learning Activities (DLA)

Directed Learning Activities (DLA) are individual, self-paced activities available in the WRC (in ATC 309) or printable from this webpage (see below).  Instructors may recommend specific DLAs, students print out, complete on their own, and then review with a tutor.  Students review the DLA with a tutor by signing up for drop-in tutoring in the WRC. Students can also bring a classmate or two to the drop-in tutoring sessions to review the DLA as a small group with a tutor!


Effective Body Paragraphs (PIE version)

Effective Body Paragraphs (MEAL version)

Creating Dynamic Thesis Statements

Keys to Success in Summary Writing

Get the Tense Right: Secrets of Verb Tense in Academic Writing

Avoiding Fragments and Run On Sentences (Version A)

Avoiding Fragments and Run On Sentences (Version B)

Subjects and Verbs: The Art of Agreement

Coming Attractions: How to Preview a Text

Making Sense of Reading: How to Locate Main Idea/Claim in a Text 

Active Reading: Mark Up Those Texts

Learning the Elements of Fiction 

Writing and Reading Center
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