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EWRT/LRNA Final Projects

Final projects from former EWRT/LRNA 97 student tutors. 

Current students may use these as a resource for their own final projects, but must be careful to cite the source and give credit.  Cite using title of project, quarter, and the URL of this page.

For resources to research your own projects, see Resources for Tutors and

Fall 2008

Common Grammar Mistakes



ESL Learning Styles

ESL Students and Vocabulary

Using Experiences as Stregnths

Generation 1.5 and ESL

I'll Help You

Intrinsic Motivation: What the Heck is it?

Oral vs. Written Language

Great Writing Starts from an Outline

Preventing Plagiarism

Professional Boundaries

Read Your Way to Success

The Learning Brain

Time Management

Top Two Grammar Techniques

Tutors of Tolerance

Winter 2008

Body Language and Tutoring slideshow, by Patrizia
The Importance of Body Language in Tutoring, by Patrizia
It's Not Just About Grammar, by Sabrina
Outline Your Writing slide show, by Haidy
Outline Your Writing Habit document, by Haidy
Procrasti-Nation, by Jason
ESL vs. Gen 1.5, by Kenia
Tutoring Students with Learning Disabilities, by Alexandra
Words, Words, and More Words, by Sarah


Winter 2007

Thinking Globally, Revising Locally by Michael S. (MS Word)
Global Revision by Paul (PowerPoint)
Giving Effective Positive Feedback by Ori (MS Word)
Creating on the Paper, Creating in the Mind by Kris (MS Word)
"Offensive Content in the Tutoring Centre: An Opportunity for Dialogue, Reflection and Change" by Suman (MS Word)
Helping ESL Students by Jane (MS Word)
Generation 1.5 by Ehssan (MS Word)

Helping Non-Native Speakers Develop Their Vocabulary by Eden (MS Word)
The 5 Hierarchical Levels of ESL Tutoring by Derek (MS Word)
Helping Students Brainstorm by Shirin (MS Word)
Incorporating Humor into Tutoring Sessions by Amanda



Fall 2006

Tutoring Students with Special Needs (download PowerPoint presentation) by Isabella Y.

Verb Tenses (download PowerPoint presentation)by Xiaoou (Teresa)

To be an Active Writer (download PowerPoint presentation) by ShingYin (Celine)

Tutoring Students from Different Backgrounds (download Word document) by YuanYun (Renee)

A Stronger Essay by Editing and Revising (download Word document) by Yu (Hilary)

MBTI Learning Styles (download Word document) by Skye

Motivation(download Word document) by Waleed

Spring 2006

...coming soon!


Winter 2006
Directive vs. Non-Directive: Taking Another Look At Tutoring Approaches by Jeannie

English Placement Testing by Pedram (download PowerPoint presentation)

Grade Conscious Tutees by Harry (download PowerPoint presentation)

Cultural & Academic Informant by Jenny (download PowerPoint presentation)

The Tutoring Session by Eva (download PowerPoint presentation)

Bullet Proof Essay by Olga A. (download PowerPoint presentation)

Importance of Rhetoric in Tutoring by Olga S. (download Word document)

Finding a Strategy by Leon (download Word document)

Positive Impression in the First Few Tutoring Sessions by Emily (download Word document)
Positive Impressions Slideshow by Emily

Minimalist Tutoring Slideshow by Jessica (download PowerPoint presentation)

Learning Styles and Tutoring by Sonya (download PowerPoint presentation)

Dyslexia and Tutoring by Shahram (download PowerPoint presentation)


Fall 2005
Learning Styles and Tutoring by Amie

Adolescent Learning Styles by Zuby (download PowerPoint presentation)



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