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We are located in the Library in room 107 (LC 107), and offer drop-in, group, and weekly individual tutoring in a variety of subjects, including Accounting, Economics, Political Science, History, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Mandarin. 

Tutors do not complete or correct your homework for you, but do help you develop the confidence and problem-solving skills to do so yourself. You can get the most out of tutoring if you come prepared and know what to expect.

For drop-in tutoring for Accounting and Economics see the Drop-in Schedule.

To receive weekly individual tutoring:

NOTE: It may take several days for our staff to assign you a tutor or, if none match your available times, let you know that.  If you do not receive an email response within one week of submitting your request, please stop by LC 107, or call 408-864-8252 or 408-864-8852 to check on the status of your request.

For current hours, please see Visit & Contact Us.

General Subject Tutors:
To update your tutoring info and schedule for the current quarter, please submit your current schedule via Google docs.  If you have questions, please see staff.

You will be matched with tutees and emailed their contact info of the ones that you have been assigned. 


Tutorial & Skills Centers
Building: L-47 & S-43
Diana Alves de Lima
Phone: 408.864.8485

Last Updated: 8/13/12