Academic Skills

Academic Skills

Alternatives to Self-Paced Skills

Fall 2012 was the last quarter self-paced classes were offered. Adjunct Skills (SKIL 232) that support De Anza content course, have not been affected and are still offered.

 As of Winter 2013, the following classes are no longer offered:

Reading Skills (SKIL 200)

Writing Skills (SKIL 220)


Vocabulary Skills (SKIL 205)

Spelling Skills (SKIL 221)

Grammar Skills (SKIL 222)

Study Skills (SKIL 230)

Basic Math Skills (SKIL 210)




 If you have taken these courses in the past or are interested in improving your skills, we appreciate your desire to learn and develop. Don’t give up…There are many other options available!

Do you need units? Perhaps you have dropped a class and need to maintain full-time status for your financial aid or visa status. Here are some ideas:
  • Through the end of week two, the Open Courses list on the De Anza website shows courses still available to add. Online Education classes often have space available, and offer flexible scheduling. Some departments to check: ESL, EWRT, READ, LIB, PE, CLP, GUID, CAOS.
  • After week two, check out the list of non-standard, late-starting classes in Environmental Studies, Health, and California History. For complete details about a course, always check

Do you want to continue to develop your academic skills with non-credit options?

  • Improve your English listening and speaking skills in the Listening & Speaking Center. Participate in workshops, tutoring and Language Exchange, and use ESL software. See
  • Consider taking a non-credit, paid FHDA Community Education short courses on a wide variety of topics, often including reading, pronunciation, and computer skills. See

If there is anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you the best of luck in your academic success!


Diana Alves de Lima,

Student Success Center Co-Director



Stephanie Pham, Academic Skills Center

Program Coordinator


Building: ATC 302

Diana Alves De Lima

Melissa Aguilar


Last Updated: 2/11/16