Staff and Organizational Development

Staff and Organizational Development

First Year Experience Program
for Tenure-Track Faculty

The First Year Experience Program at De Anza College has been created to help new tenure-track faculty settle into the culture and community of De Anza College. Although new employees often arrive with extensive experience from other college institutions, each institution has its own unique environment. This is a year-long program that meets on a monthly basis.

Fall Quarter

The Director of the Office of Staff and Organizational Development and the Tenure Review Coordinator will guide tenure candidates through the processes and procedures of completing their classroom observations for Phase I of the Tenure Process. Topics will include: What to expect from your committee members, what committee members will expect from you, and guidelines and practical tips.

A representative from the FHDA Faculty Association,  and/or the De Anza Campus FA Conciliator, will discuss contract topics that are pertinent to new faculty such as scheduling, fulltime and part-time assignments; FSA’s and how they relate to a reduction-in-force; leaves that are available to faculty: personal necessity leave, sick leave, unpaid leave, and contract reduction. If time allows they will also cover load and class size. Bring your FA Contracts with you to familiarize yourself with where to find the information presented.

This workshop focuses on defining and articulating how YOU frame YOUR pedagogy via the Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI).  The TPI allows us to look more deeply at the underlying values and assumptions related to teaching and learning and gives us a process for critical reflection by articulating a teacher's beliefs about learning, knowledge, and the social role of "teacher."  Prior to the workshop participants will need to go to and take the TPI and bring the results to the workshop.

This workshop focuses on writing your self-evaluation, an important part of the tenure process that affects all phases of tenure. Learn what to include, what NOT to include, and get guidelines and practical tips.


Winter Quarter

Information will be presented to help assure legal access and to enhance success for students with disabilities. Facilitated by the, Directors of Disability Support Services and the Educational Diagnostic Center, this workshop will familiarize participants with resources that are available through these two De Anza College programs.

This workshop will be presented by the Director of the Office of Staff & Organizational Development and De Anza's Human Resources specialist. They will do a quick review of the PGA application, cover eligibility requirements, help you define what constitutes professional growth activities for faculty, and explain how PGA relates to advancement on the faculty step and column payroll. All participants will receive a PGA Organizer.

Using David Kolb's Learning Styles Inventory, participants will discover their own preferred learning style and assess its impact on their teaching or working environment.


Spring Quarter

This interactive training session for Tenure Candidates is conducted by Jackie Reza Director of Staff and Organizational Development, and Marcia Maiero, Tenure Review Coordinator. Review the timeline and due dates for the Phase II processes.

This workshop introduces the intersections of in emotional intelligence and cultural competency in the classroom. In particular we will look at the element of social-emotional learning and its applications to education, life skills for success in schools.  We will finish with an understanding of why the knowledge of emotional intelligence and cultural competence is important for educators to apply in the classroom, in their offices and anywhere on campus.

Collaborative Learning is a pedagogical approach in which structured learning activities dependent on group deliberations are created. The approach attempts to transfer power to the learner, promote group problem solving, and improve the social skills of learners. This workshop will explore the theoretical and practical aspects of this approach and participants will develop structured activities that they can use in their classes.


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