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Student Testimonials

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"After my first speech class I realized that Speech Communication is the key to success in all areas of my life. No matter how much knowledge or skills I will gain in my personal or professional life, without the ability to communicate it can't be shared and without the ability to listen, I won't be successful."
Sharon Rose, De Anza Alumni

 “Everybody knows that we have to take at least one Speech Communication course at De Anza.  If you must take one, why don't you try to enjoy it?  Once I started to enjoy these courses, I changed my major from Economics to Speech Communication.  I learned many things that I applied to my Communication Studies courses at UCLA.  If you try to enjoy your Speech courses at De Anza, the possibilities will be infinite.” 
Kei Kato, International Student, UCLA graduate


Being a Speech Communication major at De Anza College has been extremely beneficial as I pursue a career as a Physician's Assistant. I learned many important things such as facilitation, nonverbal communication, being an active listener, cultural differences regarding communication and much more. I will apply these important skills every single day in my future career and I truly believe that it has made me a more well-rounded, knowledgeable person and a better provider for my future patients. As I transfer to San Jose State, I am thankful for the kind, charismatic staff at De Anza College and everything they have taught me. ” 
Felecia Hoehnle, Trained Facilitator, SJSU Communication Studies Major


 The Speech Department at De Anza College is unlike any other department because it entails success-driven faculty whose main focus is to encourage students to be creative in the way they communicate/carry themselves. It is because of this department, faculty, staff and fellow students that I was able to discover my skill in becoming a community organizer, facilitator and overall proficient public speaker. The knowledge and skill sets that I've acquired throughout my course has led me to become a more effective leader/filmmaker in the sense that I am able to not only be a creative artist, but am also able to lead a strong team. After attaining a Bachelors in Film Production, I wish to continue enhancing my communication skills in an even greater field.” 
Jade Flader, De Anza  Speech Alumni, Film Director


Speech Department Co-Chairs

Contact: Russell Hong
Phone: 408.864.5430
Office: F31C

Contact: Brandon Gainer


Last Updated: 1/13/15