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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Courses

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please e-mail Matt Abrahams or Shagun Kaur.

Does Speech 10 (Fundamentals of Oral Communication) meet the same requirement as Speech 1 (Public Speaking)?

Yes. Both courses meet the GE requirements for oral communication, but have different areas of emphasis:  Speech 1 focuses on the researching, outlining, developing, delivering, and evaluation of public speeches.  Speech 10 emphasizes principles and methods of oral communication in the context of interpersonal and small group communication as well as public speaking.


Do I have to give speeches in Speech 10?

Yes. Both Speech 10 and Speech 1 have a minimum requirement of four speeches. Any more than four are decided at the discretion of the instructor.

Should I take Speech 8, Speech 9, or Speech 15?

Each class meets De Anza’s A.A./A.S. critical thinking degree requirements, SPCH 8 focuses more on presenting oral arguments, SPCH 9, which also meets the same transfer requirements as EWRT 2 and PHIL 3, has a heavier writing requirement and focuses on formulating written arguments, while SPCH 15 emphasizes group discussion and team projects.

You should also consider what graduation and transfer requirements you are trying to meet. Each course transfers to the CSU system, but only SPCH 9 will transfer to a UC.

Where can I get help preparing for and practicing my speeches?
The Listening and Speaking Center, located in ATC313, provides free workshops to help improve speaking, listening, pronunciation, and conversation skills. For more information, check the LSC website.

Speech Department Co-Chairs

Contact: Matt Abrahams
Phone: 408.864.8547
Office: F31H

Contact: Shagun Kaur
Phone: 408.864.8381
Office: F31C


Last Updated: 1/14/15