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Scheduling Office

What's New in Scheduling?

Impact of recent District and FA negotiated salary table:  Effective fall 2015, the Contract Type in the SIAASGN form for full-time faculty teaching overload in fall, winter, and spring quarters must be coded as “FO”; part-time faculty Contract Type will remain as "AC".  The code is still "SU" for both part-time and full-time overload during the summer term. Failure to use the correct contract type will result in contract error and incorrect pay.

New final exam pattern:  A new final exam pattern was recently approved by De Anza College Academic Senate and FA. Effective fall 2015, instructors must utilize the new pattern to determine their final exam dates and times. The new final exam pattern is located at Please contact Susanne Elwell ( in the FA Office if you have questions or need assistance determining your class final exam date and time. (August 2015)

Seat count and load changes:  FA recently approved load and seat count changes for a number of courses.  The Curriculum and Scheduling Offices have updated the load changes to the catalog and sections for all courses that were instructed by the VP of Instruction. Per the VP of Instruction, enforcement and monitoring of the negotiated course seat counts will be left to the division deans. During schedule production phase, the Scheduling Coordinator will try to place  classes that need room assignments in rooms that are appropriate for their seat counts; permission is given by the VP of Instruction to reduce the class seat count in the event the class is assigned to a smaller room. (August 2015)


Last Updated: 11/14/17