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Visual & Performing Arts Center Rental

VPAC Rental Rates and Equipment

Basic Fees and Equipment

The basic rental rates for the Visual and Performing Arts Center will include all the utilities and labor, as all are needed whenever the building is rented. There is a 4 hour minimum for use of the VPAC auditorium.

We have a fee structure base on organization type. Both fee categories include the use of the box office and basic equipment listed below.      

  • De Anza College Student Clubs and Organizations (Labor charge only)
  • Non-Profit Organizations $340/Hr
  • Private or Commercial Groups $430/Hr

Both categories require:

  • Application Fee (non-refundable) $50 to secure your booking.
  • Mandatory Custodial Fee $296 Per Event Day
  •  Final payment will be due 14 days prior to show.

Standard: All rentals will include the standard sound package, which includes House Speakers (EAW KF730, SB730) or Cinema Surround Sound Speakers (JBL 3632-T), amplifiers, stage monitors, Dressing room monitors, Green room monitor, Lobby monitor, and intercom.    

  • Microphones(with cable)
    • Instrumental (SM57) 
    • Vocal (SM58) 
    • Wireless,
  • On-stage Speakers (JBL EON 10 G2)
  • Compact Disk Player 1 available
  • Mixer in Booth (Yamaha MG166CXusb)
  • Mixer in House (Yamaha Digital M7CL-32)

Rates are based on using only the existing repertory lighting plot. Any rehang for specials or redesign will be extra.                

  • Apron only (in front of main curtain) 
  • Half Stage (in front of mid stage traveler)
  • Full Stage (entire stage)
  • LED Cyc Lights (Cyc)
  • Boom-Side Trees, 8 available (6  ETC Source 4-36 degree instruments per tree)
  • Followspots 2 available (back of house catwalk, requires operators)
  • Additional equipment is negotiable per event

There will be a four hour minimum charge for all personnel.

  • Overtime charged (1.5 times base rate) assessed after 5 hours continuous work without a meal break (of .5 hour) until break is taken.
  • Overtime will be charged hourly, after an 8-hour day.
  • There will be no crew call changes three weeks prior to event.
  • The Auditorium Manager must be present whenever renter is in building.


The VPAC Facilities Coordinator will make the final decision as to the number of technical and support personnel required for each event.


Per Show Equipment Options

  • Concert Shell: Wegner
  • Marley Dance Floor
  • Band/Orchestra Risers
    • Rectangular (4' x 8' x (8" or 16" or 24") 15 available
    • Rectangular (4' x 4' x (8" or 16" or 24") 2 available
    • Pie (9" x 45" x (8" or 16" or 24") 4 available
    • Pie (45" x 82" x (8" or 16" or 24") 4 available
    • Pie to Square Edge (41" x 59" x (8" or 16" or 24") 4 available
  • Choral Risers (Wenger 4-step Signature) 7 available
  • Music Stand 60 available
  • Music Stand Lights ** 12 available
  • Chairs for indoor use on stage (Wenger Orchestra Chairs) 60 available
  • Tables (3' x 6') 6 available
  • Easels 4 available 
Provide a floor plan for stage equipment when submitting VPAC Rental Application


  • Projection Screen 15’x35’4”  (1.33:1, 1.77:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1 aspect ratios)    
  • Digital Projector (Christie HD6K, 6500 lumens DLP 2k resolution)
  • 42" Plasma Display in lobby with sound/computer (for auditorium overflow)
  • DVD/Blue Ray Player
  • Multimedia Podium (control of projector and basic audio)
  • Lecture/Speaker Podium (goose-neck, built-in microphone)
  • Film Projectors 16mm-35mm available   
  • Other A/V equipment is negotiable
  • Steinway 9' Concert Grand Piano
  • Steinway Upright Piano
  • Piano Tuning

Special requests/requirements need written approval by the VPAC Facilities Coordinator at least four weeks prior to the event.

Renter may record programs at no cost. Renter must provide own equipment and personnel.
DeAnza will provide sound feed and extension chords. No recording equipment may block aisles.

Request for tables and chairs for Patio must be made four weeks prior to event.  Although we cannot guarantee the request can be filled from available stock, the VPAC Facilities Coordinator will notify the renter if it will be necessary to obtain requested tables and chairs from an outside rental agency.

Visual & Performing ArTS Center Rentals

Contact: Christian Winn

Building: Administration
Office: 408.864.8333
Cell Phone:
Fax: 408.864.5454


Last Updated: 4/3/18