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Adding and Dropping Classes

  1. Attend the first meeting of the class to get an Add Code from the instructor if there is space in the class. The Add Code is the instructor's permission for you to add the class. (Search open course list for best chances of getting into a class.)
  2. Use the online registration system to add classes.
  3. Once in MyPortal, go to the Registration Tab to click on Add or Drop a Class.
  4. Enter the 5-digit CRN for the class into the Add Classes Worksheet at bottom of screen and Submit Changes.
  5. A screen to enter the Add Code will pop up. Follow the prompt from there. 
  6. Troubleshooting Tip: If an instructor gives you an Add Code before the first meeting of the class, the Add Code will not work until AFTER the first class meeting. You will need to wait until then to add the class in the MyPortal registration system.
Campus Computers

If you don't have personal access to the Internet, you can use campus computers listed below. (Waitlisted students: See instructions below).

If you need more detailed instructions, see theAdobe PDF iconRegistration Guide for Students (1MB 7 pg).

Waitlisted Students
  • If you were on a waitlist and received an Add Code, see Adding a Class with an Add Code on pg. 7 of theAdobe PDF iconRegistration Guide for Students (1MB).
  • Wait-listed students get first consideration for available seats in classes, but it is still possible for other students to try to add courses once school begins.
Last Day to Add
  • Check the academic calendar for the last day to add classes.
  • During quarter terms, the add code will work one time only and will be valid for the first two weeks of the quarter.
  • For summer session and non-standard classes during 12-week quarters, see add deadlines for your sections in MyPortal under View Your Class Schedule (see Resources list). It is best to add the class in MyPortal with the Add Code on the same day that you receive it!
Campus Computer Locations:
  • Registration & Student Services Building
  • Open Media Lab, Learning Center West (only during first two weeks of school)
  • The Internet Lab, second floor of the Learning Center (Library)
Dropping Classes During Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters

First two weeks of class: To drop quarter-length classes during the first two weeks of the terms, students must drop online. There will be no grade of record if classes are dropped by the deadline. You may also be eligible for a refund but will need to request one in writing if you do qualify.

Absences on the first class meeting of the quarter: Instructors may drop students automatically who do not show up to the first day of the class.  If you are unable to attend for a legitimate reason, it is advisable to notify your instructor before the class meets. You can request that your place be held, though it is at the discretion of the instructor.

Week three through eight - Drop with a "W" (Effective fall 2012)
Students may drop online through MyPortal. A grade of "W" is assigned to drops after the first two weeks of a regular 12-week term and/or 20% of a course if a shorter term course. Failure to drop by the final deadline date will result in a grade assignment at the end of the quarter.

Important note: Please read about changes to the number of times a student may enroll in a course for a satisfactory grade (from five to three times, including Ws, effective summer 2012).

Students are responsible for dropping classes; faculty are not required to drop students. (See an Admissions assistant if you are unable to drop classes online.)

Dropping Creative Arts courses (Arts, Film/TV, Photography, Music, etc) and some Chemistry classes:  Students who drop these courses and still owe for materials or equipment will have holds placed on their records. A collection agency will be notified if the balance isn’t paid or the material/equipment is not returned to the appropriate lab or division.

Drops after week eight:  Students who have not withdrawn by the end of the eighth week of the quarter will receive the appropriate grade for their achievement in the course.  No end-of-term drops are allowed without documented extenuating circumstances per California state regulations. Students who are receiving Financial Aid, veterans' benefits, or are F1 (International) or student athletes may not petition to late drop courses (after the deadline) except in extreme exceptions. Download and complete theAdobe PDF iconExtenuating Circumstances Petition.

Dropping Classes During Summer Session ONLY

For deadlines, please see the academic calendar.

If you decide to drop classes before classes begin, use the online registration system.

Important Information::  Beginning summer 2012, there will no longer be any period where a grade of no record is available.  Students must either drop during the "refund" period, or earn a W if they drop after the refund deadline.

Summer classes have unique deadlines, and eligibility for refunds and Ws are within very short timelines. Please check with your professor or Admissions for your class drop dates.

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