P/NP Courses

De Anza College utilizes the P/NP grading scheme for many courses, as authorized by the Board of Trustees and Title 5.
  1. Some courses are designated in the catalog as P/NP courses. A letter grade is not available to the student in such a course. Among the group of courses are those with a “single satisfactory standard of performance for which unit credit is assigned.” (See Section 51302 of Title 5.)
  2. For all other courses, the student may select the P/NP option instead of a letter grade (A, B, C, etc.), so long as s/he opts no later than the fourth (4th) week of the term (for courses shorter than 12 weeks, it 1/3 of the term). Once a student has selected the P/NP option, the resulting grade shall be final.

Restrictions have been placed on the use of P grades:

  • No more than thirty (30) units of credit with a P grade can be applied toward an Associate in Arts degree, and 
  • Ordinarily no P grade may be applied toward a student’s major requirements unless the major division lists a P/ NP course on their curriculum sheets.

Units earned on a P/NP basis shall not be used to calculate grade point averages. However, units attempted for which NP is recorded shall be so considered in probation and dismissal procedures. (See “Progress Probation.”)

See how to request the P/NP option instead of a letter grade.

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