Academic Integrity

De Anza College is committed to excellence in the pursuit of learning and academic achievement by its students. To further this goal, the college is committed to providing academic standards that are fair and equitable to all students in an atmosphere that fosters integrity on the part of student, staff, and faculty alike. The student's responsibility is to perform to the best of his/her potential in all academic endeavors. This responsibility also includes abiding by the rules and regulations set forth by individual faculty members related to preparation and completion of assignments and examinations. The submission of work which is not the product of a student’s personal effort, or work which in some way circumvents the given rules and regulations, will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of the faculty to clearly define the requirements and rules applicable to their courses for all students. An applicable paragraph of the California State Educational Code (#76130) is quoted:

“Code of Student Conduct: The college has an obligation to specify those standards of behavior essential to its educational mission and campus life. The following types of misconduct for which students are subject to disciplinary sanction apply at all times on campus as well as to any off-campus functions sponsored or supervised by the college: cheating, plagiarism or knowingly furnishing false information in the classroom or to a college officer.”

For additional information, see the Student Handbook Academic Integrity Policy.

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