Infinium S Star Machine

For displaying the night sky with unbelievable clarity and beauty, the Konica-Minolta Infinium S® opto-mechanical star projector uses state-of-the-art fiber optics, laser cut star plates, diffraction-limited lenses and computer positioning to display an incredibly realistic night sky on the dome of the planetarium. You can hear the "Oohs and Aahs" as the sky turns dark and the stars come out. Our Infinium is the first machine of its kind in the Western hemisphere.

We use the Sky-Skan Definiti® system to present pre-rendered planetarium programs and to navigate our audience through the immensity of the Universe. The system uses a combination of super computer generated data (which is constantly updated), stunning graphics and awesome full-dome immersive visualization. Highly accurate Sony 4k digital projectors and impressive 6.1 12,000 watt surround sound fill the dome with sound and images that challenge the imagination and spark the viewer's curiosity.

Our Astro Tec® Ultimate Seam dome allows for images to be projected onto a surface that appears seamless across the full panorama of the dome.

The East Coast Control Systems® Pleiades cove light system illuminates the dome with pure color light from LEDs that are environmentally friendly as well as having the flexibility to create various atmospheres inside the dome.

For our Laser Light shows we use a 5 watt Coherent® water cooled, yellow enhanced Pure Light® laser. The colors and imagery are amazing. No two laser shows are alike due to the real time manipulation done by our Laserists.

Also, our new seats are comfortable and well designed to provide maximum viewing capability for our audience.

To complete the experience, a visit to our gift shop will provide the perfect chance to pick up a souvenir or that perfect gift for the budding astronaut or astronomer in your family.


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