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 Monday - Some of the latest research shows us that adding just a 5 minute cardio blast at the end of the workout improves results in strength gains and fat loss.

Tuesday - Step OFF the scale! All it tells you is what you weigh. Not where the weight comes from. You can have a lot of muscle and be heavier than someone of the same size or shape who has more fat! 

Wednesday - Doing a 2 second pause at the end of the motion will improve your strength by overloading the muscle at point of contraction. Also stops you from using momentum.

Thursday - Doing a pause when lifting helps you to not use momentum and assists in building strength.

Friday- Simple cardio you can do without machines are things like walking, jogging, swimming, jump rope, dancing. So find something fun and add it to your daily life. Even 15-20 min a day can assist with over all health benefits.


 Monday - Exercise adds up like spare change! Doing 3 - 10 min workouts still has a lot of value to your health. So even if you do not have 10 min. to go on a brisk walk, break it up!

Tuesday - Follow the 80/20 Rule! 80% of your eating is healthy, Forgive yourself the other 20%

Wednesday - Take a day off for recovery. Take a walk, keep it light. Something less intense than your usual workouts.

Thursday - Move a little every day at the same time, before you know it you will have created a new habit!






Tips are changed regularly!

So visit often and hopefully learn something new!



Helmets are not just for kids! Reduce your change of a head injury by 85% whether you are biking, snowboarding, rollerblades etc . . protect your egg!

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