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Alternative Fuel/Hybrid Vehicle and Carpool Parking

Several parking lots include first-come, first-served, designated parking for alternative fuel/hybrid vehicles — first-come, first served. A current annual, quarterly or daily parking permit is required. Lots and the designated number of spaces for hybrid vehicles are below.

  • Parking Lot C - 5 (next to disability permit parking)
  • Parking Lot D - 6
  • Parking Lot B has 10 electric vehicle charging stations

Apply for a Carpool Parking Permit

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    There are carpool spaces available in Student Parking Lots A (23), C (5), D (4), and E (5). See the green carpool icon on the current campus map for exact locations.
  • To participate, you need to apply for a car pool permit.
  • Carpool parking areas are restricted to specific lots and spaces. Permits are not valid in spaces other than those specifically for carpool parking.
  • A current quarterly or annual parking permit must be appropriately displayed with the carpool permit.
Download your application here:

Note: To view PDF files, the free Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer.

Need help forming a car pool?

To meet other carpoolers who drive to De Anza and live along your route, register with's ridematching service, a free service for Bay Area residents. Ask for a ride or offer to drive!

Don't have a car?

Ride a bike. Take public transportation. Walk. Visit our Commute Alternatives page to learn more.

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Last Updated: 9/14/17